Intelligent Waves Integrates Teradici PCoIP® Technology to Optimize Phantom, Its Award-Winning Cyber-Defense Solution for Ultra-Secure Communications

Intelligent Waves Integrates Teradici PCoIP® Technology to Optimize Phantom_ Its Award-Winning Cyber-Defense Solution for Ultra-Secure Communications-01

Intelligent Waves (IW​), a leading-edge trusted IT systems integrator that delivers high-impact transformational IT solutions to Government’s most mission-critical challenges, announced today its new strategic collaboration with Teradici®, creator of the industry-leading PCoIP® remote display protocol and Emmy Award-Winning Cloud Access Software (CAS), to bring a full fidelity, distortion-free, color-accurate user experience on Phantom, IW’s award-winning cyber-defense solution for the most demanding and secure communications.

IW’s Phantom Next Generation solution provides the ability for organizations to access foreign points of presence to conduct remote open-source information gathering and research while at the same time protecting organizations and individuals from exposure to foreign intelligence. Phantom, named Corporate Vision’s Best High-Impact IT Systems Integrator Award Winner in the 2021 Global Technology Innovation Competition, uses all the capability of IW’s GRAYPATH network to provide low probability of detection, intercept, and exploitation of application traffic and obfuscate the user’s location while the Phantom platform matches the user’s digital signature with the intended point of presence. In addition, the user’s true IP, location, and data usage are obfuscated, while user-generated traffic is made to “originate” from a remote point of presence (PoP) or interface server. This effectively allows the internet researcher to “hide within the noise” of normal IP traffic.

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Additionally, the unclassified but secure, cloud-based capability enables telework because it does not require access to a classified facility or network. This allows government organizations to fully leverage an increasingly remote and globally distributed workforce.

John Hammes, IW’s Chief Strategy Officer, stated, “Our strategic partnership with Teradici has produced the most advanced offering for securing cloud access in tandem with Phantom, our flagship solution for secure Open-Source Intelligence. We look forward to working together and expanding our strategic footprint as a winning team.”

The addition of PCoIP® technology, a highly secure no data transfer multi-codec display protocol, allows for the highest performance CPU or GPU throughput regardless of bandwidth, connection, or locale. This integration with Phantom provides an immersive and secure environment for government agencies for geospatial mapping, 3D and VR modeling, aerospace or navy simulation training, and R&D while protecting data centers and government clouds. The solution is tailored to government agency requirements, combining best-in-class cybersecurity software with secure remote graphics cloud/ hybrid cloud computing through their Phantom solution.

Mike Kunze, Teradici’s Global Account Executive, Channels, said: “Teradici is pleased to partner with Intelligent Waves, an industry leader in the Federal space through their Phantom Solution. Intelligent Waves adds unique expertise to the Teradici Advantage Partner Program that we look forward to growing together.”

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