IPKeys Cyber Partners unveils launch of “Cyberzcape,” the grid Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) technology platform


IPKeys Cyber Partners, the leading cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) software organization, today announced the release of its newest cybersecurity platform – Cyberzcape. The innovative cloud-based Security-as-a Service platform system provides CIP providers with an agile, cost-effective, and rapidly deployable continuous monitoring cybersecurity protection and network monitoring interactive solutions center.

“Cyberzcape is the culmination of years of IPKeys Cyber Partners’ delivering hundreds of deployed management detection and response ‘MDR’ cyber security monitoring systems for utilities and grid operators,” said Robert Nawy, CEO. “Cyberzcape provides cybersecurity over the wide virtual landscape operators navigate today – IT, OT, ICS, CLOUD, and Communications networks. The architecture uniquely solves cyber vulnerabilities facing Public Power Utilities and the network anomalies of Public Safety Communications Network backhaul communications systems.”

  • The new platform builds upon its predecessor IPKeys Cyber Lab as a Service “IPKeys CLaaS” and has been renamed as Cyberzcape.
  • Additionally, the N-SOC platform for public safety communications hubs is in the process of being merged with the new platform and renamed as Cyberzcape-NMS.
  • IPKeys Cyber Partners continues to provide the enterprise delivered SigmaFlow software to large grid operators that are required to satisfy North American Reliability Corp “NERC” CIP protocols and mandates.

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The IPKeys Cyber Partners suite of Cyberzcape and SigmaFLow combine big data automation and human expertise with developing artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) capabilities to discover, detect and remediate cyber and network threats and anomalies as they occur.

“Cyberzcape provides a programmatic system and gateway for transparent visibility, awareness, and real-time resolution to emergent cybersecurity and network threats and anomalies,” said Loney Crist, SVP IPKeys Cyber Partners. “We have brought the best of breed experiences and years of grid implementations to provide cybersecurity to the modernization and digitization of the energy and public safety communications grid.”

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