IronNet Enhances Platform with Innovative Threat Landscape Visualization to Operationalize Collective Defense

IronNet, Threat Landscape Visualization, Cyber Defense, IronDome® Detection Dashboard

IronNet Cybersecurity, the leading provider of Collective Defense and network behavioral analysis for companies and industries, announced new threat landscape visualizations and technological ecosystem enhancements to IronDome®,  dramatically increasing the visibility, detection, and response capabilities of organizations when defending against sophisticated cyber threats.

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With a new, highly visual interface that can animate malicious and suspicious cyber anomalies as they are correlated across multiple IronDome members, the new IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard improves SOC teams’ abilities to see attacks that are targeting their community, prioritize the most urgent threats, understand how other security teams have responded, and optimize their defenses more proactively.

“Bad actors share information in real-time better than legitimate organizations, but IronNet is out to change that equation,” said Paula Musich, Research Director, EMA. “The company’s unique Collective Defense capability enables defenders to quickly and anonymously share newly discovered behaviors that indicate a potential compromise among subscribers in a given industry, helping all members better defend against that threat. By enabling this collaboration at scale, IronNet brings the big picture of attack campaigns into better focus.”

Additional capabilities becoming available as part of this release enable customers to take unknown and hard-to-detect threats identified by IronDefense® behavioral analytics and share those insights with Collective Defense members as known threats, allowing all members to identify and mitigate similar threats more quickly.

These new capabilities are paired with new technology partner integrations to enable faster sharing of IronDefense behavioral detections and IronDome community knowledge with existing cybersecurity tools, including:

  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) tool integrations, which allow security teams to easily integrate IronDefense and IronDome detections into their existing Splunk, QRadar, or other SIEM tools for seamless triage and response.
  • Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) integrations, which enable security teams to develop automatic response playbooks using their existing Palo Alto, Demisto, Swimlane, or other SOAR tools.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) IronDefense sensor, which expands network behavioral analysis and IronDome Collective Defense to the monitoring of AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • VMWare IronDefense sensor, which expands network behavioral analysis and IronDome Collective Defense to enterprise private clouds and virtual networks.
  • SAML 2.0 integration, which enables security teams to leverage their existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to secure their IronDefense deployments.

“Giving our customers the ability to visualize the threat landscape across organizations and industries is core to our Collective Defense mission,” said Don Closser, IronNet’s Chief Product Officer. “In addition to launching a market-leading UI, this release was driven by the desire to allow our customers to maximize their current technology investments and streamline their cyber ecosystems.”

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The Collective Defense platform, powered by IronDome, allows organizations of all sizes to share threat data anonymously, at network speed, to increase visibility into incoming cyber attacks. Combined with behavior-based analytics at the network level that detects anomalous activity at individual enterprises, Collective Defense allows customers to leverage a wider pool of cybersecurity expertise, threat visibility, and higher-order behavioral analysis to detect and respond to sophisticated threats that evade traditional cybersecurity tools.

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