Italtel Is the First Managed Security Services Provider in Brazil to Offer the Guardicore Segmentation Technology

Italtel Is the First Managed Security Services Provider in Brazil to Offer the Guardicore Segmentation Technology

Guardicore, a leader in data center and cloud security, today announced an agreement with Italtel MSSP to integrate Guardicore’s segmentation technology into its managed security services platform. In Brazil, Italtel MSSP is the first information security services provider to offer micro-segmentation resources to ensure the protection of client IT assets inside and outside the traditional security perimeter.

Customers can contract Italtel MSSP for only the Guardicore monitoring and provide the integration with its own Security Operations Center (SOC), or contract the full service, including all the fronts that the Italtel Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform covers.

Adonias Filho, senior sales manager at Italtel and responsible for developing the information security market in Brazil and Latin America, and Claudio Felice Merulla, COO of Italtel Digital Security, note that a major differentiator of Italtel as an MSSP is that it offers its services to companies not only in all the sectors of the economy, but also of all sizes. The current global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, coupled with the fact that only 10% of Brazilian companies assign a specific budget for security, translates into a strong demand for high-quality distinctive services that Italtel is working to fulfill.

Why Partner with Guardicore

When searching for an integration partner, Italtel sought out the top cybersecurity challenges – both current and in the coming years – identified by reputable global market analysis companies. One such finding is that cybercrime is at least three to four years ahead of the mainstream technologies in the market today.

With this in mind, Italtel saw in the Guardicore platform the very elements needed to successfully face future security challenges and lessen the distance between defense tools and criminal attacks.

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“We were looking precisely for disruptive technologies capable of presenting advanced protection metrics, and micro-segmentation – isolating IT assets and workloads to prevent contamination between machines, applications and workloads – and Guardicore is just that,” said Adonias. “The need for this technology has been long felt, but unfortunately most segmentation projects fail due to a lack of understanding of the network. Guardicore finally fills the gap by providing context and visibility so that security teams can easily and rapidly propose rules for separation, segmentation, micro- and even nano-segmentation.”

Why Italtel’s Managed Security Services

The new Italtel MSSP unit is organized in three divisions to serve the market in an innovative way:

  • Advisory Services is a division responsible for the consultancy area and, basically, takes care of governance. This department brings intelligence to the services Italtel MSSP provides, allowing for the inclusion of the business perspective into the technology projects to bring more value for the client.
  • Competence Center defines the services to be performed. It forms part of the Italtel Threat Intelligence Center, with advanced and unique characteristics, particularly when considering the Brazilian and Latin American markets. This intelligence center carries out deep and minute monitoring to locate, for example, the origin of fraud and every type of cybernetic crime. Furthermore, it connects to the intelligence centers of other companies to complement the intelligence efforts of Italtel itself.
  • MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Platform, suitably entrusted to identify the real threats to the clients and mitigate them with the multiple operational tools it possesses. Adonias stresses that the Italtel platform “is different because first we seek to understand each of our client’s business through the governance team; then we determine exactly the monitoring rules.”

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