Kentik and Cloudflare Partner to Mitigate Advanced DDoS Attacks

Kentik, Cloudflare, Advanced DDoS Attacks
Kentik and Cloudflare Partner to Mitigate Advanced DDoS Attacks

Kentik®, provider of the only AIOps platform specifically for network professionals, announced a partnership with Cloudflare, Inc., the security, performance, and reliability company helping to build a better Internet. The collaboration integrates network traffic intelligence from Kentik with Cloudflare Magic Transit for fast mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Cyber Threats Need To Be Countered By Advanced Protection Tools

“The partnership between network and security teams is critical for stopping today’s advanced and targeted DDoS attacks,” said Avi Freedman, Co-founder, and CEO of Kentik. “Kentik leverages powerful network analytics and insights to identify DDoS attacks in real-time. Our integration with Cloudflare Magic Transit enables organizations to mitigate these attacks before they impact the business.”

Network traffic analysis and fully automated DDoS detection capabilities from Kentik now integrate with Cloudflare Magic Transit, which provides IP transit with DDoS protection, next-gen firewall, traffic acceleration, and more, for on-premise, cloud-hosted, and hybrid networks. Together, these solutions provide over 35 Tbps of DDoS mitigation capacity, add accurate and flexible DDoS and anomaly detection, and enable powerful ad-hoc forensic analytics on months to years of granular network traffic details.

“Partnering with Kentik allows mutual customers to gain granular insight into their network and directly use this insight with Cloudflare Magic Transit. With the combination of products, customers are able to mitigate DDoS attacks with precision, accuracy, and low times-to-detect,” said Arjunan Rajeswaran, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Cloudflare.

Dealing with Cybersecurity Fatigue?

The technology integration provides best-in-class network infrastructure protection against DDoS attacks of all kinds and sizes. Kentik analyzes the network traffic and detects DDoS attacks in real-time and signals Cloudflare to automatically shift traffic destined for the target IP into their cloud mitigation data centers. With Cloudflare’s data centers in 200 cities, traffic is not re-routed to centralized “scrubbing centers” and threats are mitigated closest to the source of attack for faster mitigation and lower latency.