Kentik Brings Network Observability To Public Cloud Environments

Kentik Brings Network Observability to Public Cloud Environments

Kentik®, the network observability company, today announced the launch of Kentik Cloud, a new product suite for public cloud environments. As part of the Kentik platform, Kentik Cloud fuses traffic and telemetry data with business, security, internet and cloud metadata to give enterprise customers increased visibility, improved performance and better cost control of the networking that connects their entire cloud environment.

Cloud-forward companies like Box, eBay, Dropbox, IBM, Kayak and Zoom use Kentik to plan, run and fix their networks. The launch of Kentik Cloud extends observability to public clouds, putting forward the industry’s most comprehensive way to visualize cloud network performance, troubleshoot connectivity issues, control and reduce traffic costs, optimize service delivery, migrate apps to the cloud and secure cloud environments from network attacks.

In a recent article, Major League Baseball’s Principal Network Automation Engineer Jeremy Schulman discussed how Kentik helps the sports league see “how much traffic is going in and out of various projects in the cloud. [Kentik] is actually showing you a visual representation of how your physical equipment connects via those virtual private connections in the cloud. It also gives us information like latency, throughput, and jitter, across on-prem, through the cloud, and back on-prem.”

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Kentik Cloud expands on the company’s existing cloud monitoring capabilities with four core new feature sets:

  • Observation Deck™: an integrated user experience with configurable widgets that lets users put their most important data and insights front and center, and quickly answer any question about the network, using all types of network telemetry and contextual data.
  • Kentik Map: an end-to-end visual depiction of virtual private clouds (VPCs), on-premises networks and the connectivity between them to see traffic to and through the cloud network elements for faster troubleshooting. This feature also brings together AWS CloudWatch and infrastructure health metrics.
  • Cloud Performance Monitor: a feature that automatically detects the most important network paths used inside cloud networks and interconnections to on-prem networks. Proactive tests measure latency, jitter and packet loss data, and interface with Kentik’s large network of public cloud agents for easy performance monitoring of internet and multi-cloud services.
  • Cloud Traffic Cost Explorer: a tool to automatically calculate actual costs of cloud network traffic over time, as well as cost projections by group and account, helping to lower data transfer costs by quickly finding traffic inefficiencies.

“We built the Kentik Cloud product suite because we saw our customers struggling to run cloud networks with the precision and control that they’re accustomed to,” said Christoph Pfister, Chief Product Officer at Kentik. “Most cloud monitoring tools don’t focus on infrastructure or can’t see beyond a single cloud environment — and the old networking tools simply don’t keep up with the pace of CloudOps, if they even understand cloud networking constructs or VPC Flow Logs. With Kentik Cloud, our customers can manage the performance, visibility and costs of their cloud networking, at-scale and all within one solution.”

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