Lookout Collaborates With HPE Aruba To Deliver an Integrated SASE Architecture With Advanced Data Protection

Data Protection

Lookout, Inc., the endpoint to cloud security company, today announced the integration of its security service edge (SSE) platform with the HPE Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN platform. Lookout SSE with Aruba EdgeConnect provides customers with a best-of-breed secure access service edge (SASE) architecture that blends network security with an integrated security stack delivering secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, zero trust network access and data loss protection.

According to Gartner®, “SASE is a key enabler of modern digital business transformation, including work from anywhere and the adoption of edge computing and cloud-delivered applications. It increases visibility, agility, resilience and security. SASE also dramatically simplifies the delivery and operation of critical network and security services mainly via a cloud-delivered model. SASE can reduce the number of vendors required for secure access to one to two over the next several years.”1 In addition, a recent Gartner survey found that 75% of organizations are pursuing security vendor consolidation in 2022, up from 29% in 2020.2

Customer benefits of the integrated Lookout/HPE Aruba SASE solution include:

  • Protected access to data and applications from anywhere: Lookout provides secure access to internet, cloud, SaaS and private applications and protects data stored in these apps from unauthorized access and misuse. By using adaptive access policies with continuous monitoring of the user and the device risk, Lookout SSE protects any app, any cloud, any user and any device from internal and external cyber threats.
  • Simplified management of branch office connectivity: Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise customers can use the Service Orchestration workflow within Aruba Orchestrator to automatically create secure, highly-available IPSec tunnel pairs between branch locations and Lookout SSE platform enforcement points. This avoids the need to manually create tunnels every time a new branch or a new app is onboarded and simplifies the management of site connectivity.
  • Enhanced visibility of all end user activityAruba customers can utilize Lookout SSE to get enhanced visibility to understand device posture, IP addresses and user context when users access corporate apps and data, or the internet in general, from any branch or remote location. This allows customers to monitor end user activity, gain control and visibility into usage of shadow IT/unsanctioned apps, and monitor internal and external cyber threats.
  • Better performance for accessing cloud and SaaS apps: SD-WAN customers are forced to backhaul traffic for cloud and SaaS apps to enforce inline security policies and get complete visibility of the traffic. However, backhauling the traffic increases latency and affects the performance of these apps. With the joint Lookout/Aruba solution, EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN customers can avoid backhauling traffic for cloud and SaaS apps, enforce inline policies and maintain complete visibility – all without compromising on performance.

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Aruba is excited to add Lookout to the Aruba EdgeConnect partner ecosystem,” said Fraser Street, Aruba WAN Technical Alliances lead. “This best-of-breed integration combines Aruba’s leading SD-WAN with Lookout SSE into a unified SASE architecture so that our enterprise customers can secure their employees from the endpoint to cloud.”

“As organizations seek to accelerate growth through the use of cloud services, the traditional enterprise security perimeter has evolved into a fluid, constantly moving edge. Users now interface with enterprise apps, data, and other users from wherever they may be, effectively moving the perimeter edge to their current location,” said Sundaram Lakshmanan, chief technology officer of SASE products, Lookout. “Integrating our SSE capabilities with Aruba SD-WAN simplifies management controls and provides a rich policy framework to keep sensitive data protected without hindering productivity.”

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