MediaPRO Puts Human Connection First with Launch of Security and Privacy Training Series Paradigm

MediaPRO Puts Human Connection First with Launch of Security and Privacy Training Series Paradigm

Platform Built to Empower Employees with Modern and Engaging Learning Techniques

MediaPRO, a leading provider of security and privacy training solutions, today announced the release of their new series of security and privacy training that does away with fear-based tactics and engages learners with encouraging content.

Paradigm is data privacy and security training that puts people first™. The platform focuses on positive action and making an emotional connection with the learner without making the employee feel like the problem. Paradigm is built to engage and inspire employees with modern and diverse imagery. Using language presented in layperson’s terms, Paradigm leaves out overly technical jargon to better connect with all employees.

Paradigm offers the most visually appealing, relatable, and customizable training on the market today. Paradigm’s responsive and mobile friendly features allow employees to consume training anywhere at any time.

“Traditional security and privacy training content has for too long made employees feel like the ‘weakest link;’ a problem to be solved or a vulnerability to be patched,” MediaPRO Chief Strategist Lisa Plaggemier said. “This approach has focused on the trio of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to effect behavior change. True engagement in training comes from demystifying security and making employees feel empowered to take the most secure actions, not scaring them out of taking the wrong ones.”

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According to research published via the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, high levels of fear and stress can actually impede the learning process. Paradigm uses encouragement and a clean design to keep learners feeling motivated and optimistic about taking a more active role in security.

“There is a peace of mind that comes with improved security and privacy behavior and Paradigm’s ultimate goal is to make the connection between the two, providing users with assurance that their improved security habits will keep their data increasingly safe and protected,” Plaggemier said.

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“Paradigm focuses on the good that can come from improving privacy and security practices,” said MediaPRO CEO Mike Metzger. “Our team at MediaPRO is leading a shift from training content that is often perceived as condescending and punitive to an inclusive, positive tone. We approach security training with a focus on quality and customization and believe that now more than ever, particularly in today’s COVID world, that fear is a poor motivator, which hinders the learning process.”