MOD Tech Labs Moves to vXchnge Citing Scalability, Security and Service

MOD Tech Labs Moves to vXchnge Citing Scalability, Security and Service

vXchnge today announced that MOD Tech Labs, an AI platform that processes imagery data, moved its servers to vXchnge to meet the company’s need for a highly secure data center with the ability to scale deployments quickly across a broad footprint. vXchnge is a leading colocation services provider with facilities in edge markets across the United States.

MOD Tech Labs sought a data center company with locations across the country to meet both its current and future needs as the business grows. In addition, as the company expands into new 3D processing solutions, it expects their demands for GPU (graphics processing unit) usage to also increase significantly, requiring a partner who can quickly scale their deployments within a given location for edge sensitive applications.

“The speed at which vXchnge is able to provide us with new racks when we need them is remarkable,” said Alexandria Porter, CEO, MOD Tech Labs. “Being able to have a rack ready with data drops and power allows us to scale fast and efficiently.  And vXchnge’s broad network of locations allows us to expand quickly and choose from multiple networks in response to client needs.”

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Security also played an essential role in the decision to move to vXchnge. MOD Tech Labs required a highly-secured data center with compliance certifications to allow the company to expand into heavily regulated markets, such as the defense and medical industries. vXchnge offers advanced digital and physical security, while in\site, vXchnge’s proprietary platform for business intelligence, gives MOD Tech Labs real-time visibility into their deployments and control over their remote equipment.

“Knowing that vXchnge has thorough security processes and that their facilities are well maintained puts our clients at ease. It also reduces the need for us to develop and maintain our own security measures,” continued Porter. “As we weighed our options, we found that vXchnge’s investments in network redundancy are exceptional compared to other service providers which allows us to spend less on infrastructure costs, and we found their customer support teams to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

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MOD Tech Labs pointed to vXchnge customer service as the final reason prompting their decision. With a dedicated team managing shipments at each data center and providing remote hands, or on-site support, MOD Tech Labs found a partner to fit their needs as a rapidly growing, dynamic business.


Based in Austin, Texas, MOD Tech Labs, offers an AI-powered platform for processing imagery data that enables companies to create content faster and more affordably for visualization and analysis.

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