MONITORAPP’s Malicious URL Analysis Engine Now on Google’s VirusTotal

MONITORAPP's Malicious URL Analysis

– Listed as VirusTotal’s “Website/domain scanning engine Contributor”

– Malicious website analysis and information distribution using artificial intelligence technology

MONITORAPP announced that their malicious URL analysis engine (, AICC (Application Insight Cloud Center) is now on VirusTotal (, owned by Chronicle – a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (Google).

VirusTotal is a global threat analysis service, which operates under the support of Google. It detects and analyzes malicious URL using AV/Website Scanning/Sandboxing engines, which uses various global security services.

Through this partnership, MONITORAPP’s AI-based threat intelligence platform AICC’s malicious URL profiling technology will now be synchronized with VirusTotal’s malicious URL big data, providing clients with threat information that can effectively respond to cybersecurity threats.

AICC’s MUD (Malicious URL Detection) engine, with artificial intelligence technology, is based on 200 million URL analyses and over 10 million malicious URL information. It has shown a high malicious URL detection rate during the VirusTotal’s testing process and obtained the Contributor qualification with high accolades from the TotalVirus representatives.

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Kyle Lee, CEO of MONITORAPP, said, “With our new partnership with VirusTotal, a global threat information platform, we will build an infrastructure that can respond quickly to various security threats existing worldwide.” He also mentioned that MONITORAPP will now provide a even higher level of security service through his company’s cloud security service, “Secure Internet Access (SIA)” and dedicated application solution “AISWG,” and will make his service easy to use for all.