Netkiller integrates with Jira, Slack, Google Workspace and other popular tools for one login

Netkiller integrates with Jira_ Slack_ Google Workspace and other popular tools for one login

Netkiller, a cloud-specialized security company, has just introduced a new service that allows users to sign in to various SaaS solutions with a single company ID. Logging on with the service is much more convenient than having to login to each individual service.

Through the new service, Netkiller will implement a Netkiller KillerID which allows integrated accounts for global SaaS services, such as Slack and Jira, to be accessed through an integrated login SSO service for Google Workspace with only a single password.

KillerID is an innovative Google Workspace-based login SSO service that renders availability to company information at a specific time and place, or to integrate and manage accounts with ease.

Single sign-on is a feature that allows users to access multiple online accounts with one password that is entered only one time. With more users turning to SaaS and other specialized solutions in the workplace, there is extensive demand for this convenient, time-saving service.

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Google Workspace users are already expressing excitement about the new service as managing multiple accounts for each solution can be a hassle. It is even more problematic when those solutions are used in a work environment with many users. Therefore, when the SaaS solution is used to manage corporate data, security is a paramount issue that demands being dealt with accordingly – a factor Netkiller takes very seriously and has successfully addressed.

Along with the services already intact, KillerID has been expanding its scope of SSO support by adding Slack and Jira accounts – two main collaboration tools. Through KillerID, users can log in to Google Workspace, Slack, and Jira to manage their company accounts in one place.

The unified login SSO solution conveniently allows security administrators to manage all accounts utilized by the enterprise. If there are new hires or retirees in the company, simple account management through SSO makes it possible to prevent data leakage and other risks.

Netkiller links HR systems with the KillerID linkage service in order to provide companies running their own HR systems peace of mind where integration is concerned. Netkiller will be releasing a dashboard to issue and manage SaaS accounts in the near future.

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