Netwrix Releases New Version of StealthAUDIT Strengthening Cloud Security

Netwrix Releases New Version of StealthAUDIT Strengthening Cloud Security

Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, announced today the release of StealthAUDIT 11.5. The new release provides expanded data discovery and permissions reporting capabilities for cloud databases and extends data governance for Microsoft 365.

With this latest StealthAUDIT release, organizations can:

  • Protect sensitive data stored in the cloud. Companies will know exactly what is stored in their Azure, Amazon AWS Redshift, Aurora and RDS databases; who has access to critical content; and what activity is going on around that data.
  • Spot and remediate risks to sensitive data in OneDrive and Teams. Organizations can now identify sensitive data, know whether it’s overexposed, and spot worrisome activity related to it, such as external user access or external file sharing.
  • Minimize their attack surface area in SharePoint and reduce their data footprint. StealthAUDIT makes it easy for data owners to decide whether sensitive content should be kept or removed, and to establish important security workflows without affecting organizational productivity or user access to resources.
  • Automate security tasks to save valuable time. Out-of-the-box remediation actions can remove directly-assigned permissions, label SharePoint sites based on the types of sensitive data they contain, and more.
  • Take control over more cloud data storages. Easy-to-use, lightweight connectors empower organizations to know exactly where sensitive data is located across their Salesforce libraries and notes, personal and shared Google Drives, Box, Azure Files, and Azure Blobs.

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“The Netwrix Cloud Security Report highlighted business’ concerns about data security in the cloud,” said Steve Dickson, CEO of Netwrix. “By the end of 2020, the stress was so high that 62% of organizations were planning to remove sensitive data from the cloud or had already done so to improve their data security. The new version of StealthAUDIT helps organizations reduce that stress so that they may take full advantage of the cloud — securely.”

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