Neverfail and RealNet Reach Latin American Partnership Agreement

Neverfaail and RealNet Reach Latin American Partnership Agreement

Neverfail and RealNet, an IT solutions company located in Mexico, have reached a partnership agreement for the sales and services of Neverfail Continuity Engine.

With business continuity and disaster recovery playing a key role in the survival of any business, it’s essential to have a proven, world-class protection technology to ensure continued operation of the most critical IT systems.

Neverfail Continuity Engine provides continuous availability powered by application-aware failover and its recovery orchestration process that already protects tens of thousands of application servers worldwide.

This ensures when something interrupts the delivery of the business service, Neverfail Continuity Engine is there to restore these mission-critical systems with near-zero downtime.

“Neverfail is extremely enthused about RealNet’s expertise in Mexico’s most critical Enterprise Infrastructure, and believe that together with Neverfail Continuous Availability, we stand to protect critical application uptime throughout Mexico for years to come,” said Michael Wrightson, General Manager at Neverfail Continuous Availability.

“The world’s most critical infrastructure is required to be always-on, regardless of natural disaster, rolling power outages, or other environmental factors that may come up.

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Neverfail Engine proves again and again to be the world leader in uptime and protection of these critical services. The partnership with Realnet enables Mexico to now have a trusted advisor to keep the critical applications always available.”

“We were looking for a solution that could help our customers maximize the benefits of having a disaster recovery plan. When we learned about Continuity Engine, we were happy to find out that this solution could ensure business continuity and reduce the duration and cost of recovering from a disaster,” said Jorge L. Ojeda Roman, Director at RealNet. “We are certain that this partnership will bring not only great solutions to our customers but also great business opportunities for both.”

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