NTT DATA UK&I teams up with SecurityScorecard to transform cyber risk monitoring in the UK and Ireland


Leading IT services provider NTT DATA UK&I and SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cyber security ratings, today announced a new partnership to accelerate the transformation of continuous cyber risk monitoring across industries across the UK and Ireland (UK&I). As part of the partnership, NTT DATA will deliver an innovative posture evaluation report offering for clients, based on the SecurityScorecard platform. The report will combine NTT DATA’s consulting expertise with SecurityScorecard’s ratings and assessment capabilities to instantly rate, analyse and continuously monitor security risk for clients, as well as harden their security postures.

In today’s ever-evolving cyber security landscape, organisations must be proactive in addressing cyber breaches, and security ratings are integral to measuring and understanding resilience in real time. NTT DATA understands the importance of this and is doubling its efforts in the cyber security space as a result, ensuring its clients are best equipped to handle new threats on a regular basis. It is for this reason that SecurityScorecard has joined the likes of Adobe and Microsoft in becoming a Tier 1 strategic partner for NTT DATA UK&I.

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From non-executive directors through to IT operations teams, businesses’ stakeholders call out three critical board-level risks – data loss, cyber breach, and third-party exposure. These risks are typically grounded in common challenges, such as enterprise visibility, poor information clarity or translation, and confused response prioritisation, but are stressed further by an industry-wide shortage of competent security knowledge and skills. The partnership between NTT DATA and SecurityScorecard will address these client challenges head-on, bringing together industry-leading core competencies, industry sector insights, deep client knowledge, and strategic client relationships.

Mike Jones, VP of Partners & Alliances at NTT DATA (UK&I), commented: “NTT DATA is proud of its global ecosystem of Partners & Alliances, which helps bring value to our clients through transformational change. We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership with SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, to help NTT DATA identify security threats as well as keep clients safe and secure.”

SecurityScorecard provides comprehensive security ratings, automated assessments, and guidance from industry experts, providing easy-to-understand A-F graded scorecards for improved communication, effective compliance reporting and more informed decision making. The solution allows organisations to automate and accelerate questionnaire exchange with over 20 compliance survey templates and questionnaires at scale.

“Our partnership with NTT DATA immediately gives customers in EMEA more complete visibility into the risks that exist in their environment, and guidance in reducing that risk most effectively, all in a single platform,” said Jan Bau, VP EMEA and LATAM at SecurityScorecard. “This will enable organisations across NTT DATA’s portfolio to proactively ensure they have continuous and immediate insights on their security posture.”

Through the partnership, SecurityScorecard will embed a suite of cyber security monitoring solutions into NTT DATA’s managed service offering to create a monthly posture evaluation report. The report will allow businesses to understand their true cyber risk and will enable them to instantly improve their security postures through much-needed data, visibility, and insights. As well as insights from the platform, the monthly service will benefit from NTT DATA’s advisory and threat intelligence capabilities, providing not just an overview of a client’s industry sector, but an overview of their vendors and business partners as well, delivering additional value to clients in the areas they want to target the most.

Jones added, “NTT DATA places huge importance on cyber resilience and our new posture evaluation solution has been built to provide our clients with peace of mind when it comes to their cyber security. Not only will our reporting tool share a holistic overview of their security measures, but clients will be able to rest easy knowing they have identified all potential areas of vulnerability and implemented the right solutions to protect their critical infrastructure.”

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