Onapsis Introduces Threat Intel Center to Enhance Business-Critical Application Security


Onapsis, the market leader in business-critical application cybersecurity and compliance, today announced the release of the Onapsis Research Labs (ORL) Threat Intel Center. This advanced solution connects the Onapsis Threat Intelligence Cloud, a global network of sensors and applications instrumented to capture the activity of attackers exploiting mission-critical applications, and deep research conducted by the ORL into a unified, detailed threat intelligence repository.

While cybercrime is escalating and threatening business continuity, the cybersecurity skills shortage is only getting larger, with 62% of organizations reporting that their security teams are inadequately staffed. The ORL Threat Intel Center will alleviate the burden placed on already-strained security teams by delivering a comprehensive transfer of knowledge, enabling them to efficiently protect their organization while building their expertise in SAP and Oracle security.

As the world’s leading brands have seen more sophisticated attacks on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and elevated exploit activity targeting vulnerable, unpatched, and complex ERP landscapes, the need for threat intelligence on these ERP attacks has never been higher. Having discovered 800+ zero-day vulnerabilities and six U.S. Department of Homeland Security critical alerts attributed to our research in the past six years, the award-winning Onapsis Threat Research Labs continues to lead the charge in protecting the critical systems that are foundational to the global economy. The ORL Threat Intel Center collects and consolidates ORL research into a consumable collection of information, bringing awareness to new critical vulnerabilities and elevated activity of older vulnerabilities. The solution also provides valuable context and insights into the evolving ERP threat landscape to help customers better secure their SAP and Oracle environments. This includes linking to modules and scans across Onapsis’ four products — Assess, Defend, Comply, and Control.

“This new addition to the Onapsis Threat Intelligence Cloud will give organizations the critical advantages of foresight and speed,” said Sadik Al-Abdulla, CPO of Onapsis. “When it comes to securing business-critical applications, every second counts. As the only company with a threat intelligence group dedicated to business-critical application security, Onapsis continues to lead the market with features that help our customers protect the assets that matter most.”

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The ORL Threat Intel Center comes on the heels of several significant Onapsis product updates announced earlier this year. In June, the company launched a new Network Detection Rule Pack for Onapsis Defend, further enhanced support for SAP SuccessFactors and a SaaS version of the Onapsis Platform, providing customers with an added layer of protection and accelerated time-to-value with seamless deployment. In May, Onapsis released Assess Baseline to accelerate enterprises’ abilities to jumpstart their SAP vulnerability management programs by improving alignment with the SAP Security Baseline.

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