OpsVerse Launches Managed Version of Popular Argo CD Deployment Tool


OpsVerse, provider of a DevOps platform with fully-managed open source-based tools, today announced the easiest, most secure way to deploy the popular open source Argo CD (continuous delivery) deployment tool.

With the introduction of DeployNow, OpsVerse delivers a GitOps-based Argo CD as a fully-managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) while offering the same level of security of an on-premises deployment.

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“Deploying and managing a continuous deployment system, like Argo CD, is not easy,” said Nikhil Ravindran, co-founder, OpsVerse. “It takes time and effort to set up, manage and scale a production-grade deployment system. With DeployNow, anyone can achieve enterprise grade GitOps-based continuous delivery within minutes, and with our Private SaaS model, Argo CD is run and managed within the customer’s secure network.”

With a 115% production usage increase in the last year, Argo CD is an open-source CD tool that follows Git-based workflows to automate the deployment of services within Kubernetes. The tool is being massively adopted by the industry, including leading companies such as Adobe, BlackRock, Intuit, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

With the OpsVerse private SaaS framework, DevOps tools such as Argo CD – as well as others such as Backstage, Grafana, and Prometheus – can be pre-packaged with key configurations, templates, and integrations that allow engineers to use them immediately. Customers have control over where to store data and how long to retain it, allowing them to achieve data residency and governance as well as compliance with standards like SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

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