Parsons Unleashing Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Decision Making, Solve Problems

Parsons Unleashing Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Decision Making_ Solve Problems

Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) is developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) across a wide array of federal solutions and critical infrastructure projects to solve our customer’s most challenging problems, produce actionable intelligence, and improve the user experience.

Data analytics, AI, and edge computing are ingrained in company offerings across all business units.

For example, the company developed an AI-enabled weapon-target pairing algorithm, with initial tests showing outstanding accuracy and speed results; produced an electronic warfare (EW) planning optimization tool-set named TEMPO (Tactical Electronic Warfare Machine Learning Planning Optimization); and recently won a classified research and development contract to develop constellation task scheduling algorithms based on organically developed AI technology.

“Parsons’ artificial intelligence capabilities align with our customer’s vision by improving situational awareness, decision-making, the safety of operating equipment, streamlining business processes, and protecting critical infrastructure,” said Ricardo Lorenzo, chief technology officer for Parsons.

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“By combining our AI technical expertise with our operational understanding of the all-domain environment and critical infrastructure markets, we’re working closely with our customers to develop leap-ahead technology that empowers operators at the tactical edge and beyond. We’re also developing differentiated capabilities that ensure the efficiency and security of existing energy and water networks.”

Following the company’s successful integrations of Polaris Alpha®, OGSystems®, and Braxton Technologies, Parsons is unlocking the full potential of computer vision, decision support systems, semantic technology, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic, optimization, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), autonomous systems, and ontology/knowledge representation.

Parsons (NYSE: PSN) is a leading disruptive technology provider in the global defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets, with capabilities across cybersecurity, missile defense, space, connected infrastructure, and smart cities

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