Perch Security Launches RMM Monitoring for Managed Service Providers

RMM Monitoring

In a first-of-its-kind product release, Perch Security offers MSPs managed cybersecurity monitoring for ConnectWise Automate, with more RMM integrations in the hopper.

 In the continuing war against threat actors intent on breaching networks and stealing private data for their own ill-gotten financial gains, the latest water-cooler chatter centers around the vulnerable Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms used by every managed service provider. It’s unmitigated anxiety for which no solution exists.

Unmitigated, that is until Perch Security built RMM monitoring – starting with ConnectWise Automate. Still expanding the list of technical capabilities, Perch can monitor Automate to detect things like compromised users and computers as well as unauthorized activity within the RMM.

“Monitoring the security of the products we buy has been commonplace in the financial services industry. We’re just bringing that into the MSP industry,” commented Aharon Chernin, Perch founder, and CEO. “Automate is the first, but it won’t be the last,” he added, holstering finger-guns and securing an invisible white hat over his brow.

CPI Solutions experienced early benefits from Automate Monitoring during the beta. “Perch gives us the ability to correlate agent activity and alert on potential outside threats targeting our Automate system. Perch’s 24/7 SOC gives us the peace of mind that we have always hoped for knowing our systems are being monitored by their top-notch team,” said James Oberhaus, a Senior Partner at CPI.

ConnectWise Automate advanced monitoring is available immediately for all Perch Security customers. Users can configure integration via Perch. Help.