PlainID and Hub City Media Make Strategic Business Alliance to Offer Next Generation Authorization to secure Digital Assets

PlainID and Hub City Media Make Startegic Business Alliance to Offer Next Generation Authorization to secure Digital Assets.-01 (1)

PlainID, The Authorization Company, a leading provider of authorization and policy-based access solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Hub City Media (HCM).

HCM is an Identity and Access Management consultancy that offers advisory and implementation services, managed cloud and support services, and simple, powerful, easy to integrate products.   Their extensive cross-industry expertise makes them a leading partner for Identity platforms across the globe.

PlainID, which recently announced the general availability of their Authorization-as-a-Service, SaaS-enabled Authorization Platform including PlainID Authorizers, helps businesses advance and modernize by simply and securely connecting identities with the digital assets to provide optimal user journeys, risk mitigation and data security. By making authorization decisions simple, smart, granular, and dynamic, PlainID helps enterprises control who can access what, when, and how on whose authority.

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“We have seen a lot of demand over the years for fine-grained authorization,” said Phillippe Monrougie, CEO of Hub City Media.  “Everyone we work with has policies that act as guardrails for their business.  Finally, someone has come up with an easy/no-code way to implement Policy-Based Access Control.  Our clients no longer have to build from scratch. They can leverage a standards-based, centrally managed policy engine across their enterprise application and data assets.”

Coupling PlainID’s focus on dynamic authorizations powered by Policy-based Access Control (PBAC) with HCM’s expertise across all aspects of Identity Security allows the duo to greatly enhance existing IAM deployments.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Hub City Media,” said Jeff Tishgart, Vice President, Global Alliances at PlainID. “Companies invest considerable money and time into big identity and access management projects to securely connect employees and customers with digital assets. Traditional IAM and security-driven approaches are just not fast, flexible or reliable enough.  Through our partnership, HCM and PlainID will be able to help organizations grant secure, always-up-to-date access for all types of user identities spanning applications, APIs, microservices, and data brokers.”

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