POPULOS signs strategic partnerships with Veritas and Akamai


Expansion of the company may increase sales by 45% in 2021 and requires a complete offer of solutions for customers

POPULOS, a company specializing in End User Computing, Infrastructure and Cloud solutions, announces partnerships with global manufacturers Veritas and Akamai.

Akamai is a company that acts strongly in cloud security, with protection tools for websites, mobile devices and real-time threat analysis, and Veritas is a global provider of data storage and analysis solutions to increase the reach and companies’ ability to make business decisions. “The technologies developed by Veritas, Nutanix, Google and Akamai complement our offer of complete Workplace solutions”, comments Paulo Asano, CEO of Populos.

The product lines that Populos will operate with Akamai involve Security, CDN and WAF as a Service solutions. With Veritas, the focus will be on Availability, Backup and Recovery.

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According to the executive, the partnerships come at a time of increasing the company’s capillarity, which will expand its operations to other regions of the country, such as the South, focusing on the state of Paraná, the Midwest and the interior of São Paulo. “This movement of expansion of the company should generate a growth of 45% in sales in 2021”, predicts Asano. With the entry into the new regions, the company expects to achieve a 40% increase in the number of customers.

“When we started to operate in these regions, we felt the need to increase our portfolio to meet the demands of our customers. Partnerships with Veritas and Akamai come in this line of action, as we now have a much richer range of solutions”, says the executive.