RapidDeploy Adds Karen Carlson as VP of Product to Drive Change in Public Safety Software and Technology

RapidDeploy Adds Karen Carlson as VP of Product to Drive Change in Public Safety Software and Technology-01

RapidDeploy, the industry’s leading cloud-native emergency response platform, announces the addition of Karen Carlson as the company’s new vice president of product. Carlson leads product management and design deliverables for the company, engaging directly with customers to drive innovation and change.

“RapidDeploy is fundamentally changing 9-1-1 with modern, intuitive, data-driven technology,” said RapidDeploy Co-Founder and CEO Steve Raucher. “Karen’s experience as a dispatcher, a PSAP operations manager, and creating technology for dispatchers makes her an advocate for change and the perfect person to lead the RapidDeploy product team.”

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Carlson comes to RapidDeploy with more than 13 years of experience in public safety, having worked in a dispatch center, regional public safety consortium, and for two major telecommunications companies. In her role as operations manager for Brown County Public Safety Communications in Wisconsin, Carlson was responsible for merging all county PSAPs into a single operations center and updating all corresponding technology. Carlson has successfully led product management teams to build public safety software from the ground up and incorporate cloud technologies and SaaS methodology into that portfolio.

Driven from her experience in the PSAP, Carlson is passionate about bringing data to first responders as part of their workflow to improve situational awareness and faster response times. In her short time at RapidDeploy, Carlson has already made multiple customer visits and has begun implementing impactful process and development improvements.

“Software that simplifies the workflow and applies decision making analytics for all first responders, whether they are in the PSAP or in law, fire, or EMS response unit hands or vehicles will improve response times and save lives,” Carlson said. “I’m thrilled to join the RapidDeploy team to deliver on the promise of the next generation of 9-1-1 and situational awareness technology.”

Continuing the traditional of incorporating successful women in technology, Carlson joins the RapidDeploy team at a pivotal time at the company has secured 5 statewide deals and as new data partners come on board. Carlson will continue to build on RapidDeploy’s mission and product implementation through engagement with the public safety community.

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