Recorded Future Joins Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace as a Launch Partner

XSOAR Marketplace

Cortex XSOAR Marketplace enables organizations to discover, share, and consume security orchestration innovations from a global ecosystem to scale up automation

Recorded Future, the largest global security intelligence provider, today announced that the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform content pack is now available on the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, the industry’s most comprehensive security orchestration marketplace. Recorded Future joins a select group of Cortex XSOAR Marketplace launch partners who have developed content packs that help solve the toughest security challenges for customers with end-to-end automation. The content pack from Recorded Future on Cortex XSOAR Marketplace provides customers with improved threat visibility and accelerated incident response to proactively and automatically block threats before they impact a business.

The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform empowers security teams with automated security intelligence for threat detection, alert triage, threat prevention, and vulnerability prioritization. With a single authoritative source for intelligence, analysts can improve efficiency, shorten their decision-making cycle through automation, and maximize their investment in Cortex XSOAR through features such as:

  • The automation of Recorded Future enrichment of IPs, URLs, domains, and file hashes as playbook-driven tasks within Cortex XSOAR.
  • Access to related entities for an indicator in Recorded Future from Cortex XSOAR in real-time.
  • Ability to leverage hundreds of Cortex XSOAR product integrations to further enrich Recorded Future alerts and coordinate response across security functions.
  • Capability to run thousands of commands, across Cortex XSOAR and Recorded Future, interactively via a ChatOps interface while collaborating with other analysts and Cortex XSOAR’s chatbot.

“A robust, open ecosystem is at the heart of Cortex XSOAR. We are proud to welcome Recorded Future to the industry’s largest SOAR ecosystem,” said Rishi Bhargava, vice president of product strategy, Cortex XSOAR at Palo Alto Networks. “Having Recorded Future available on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace will enable our shared customers to rapidly scale automation and further improve their security posture.”

“Palo Alto Networks has been a long-standing and valued, best-in-class partner of Recorded Future, and our inclusion in the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace was a natural next step for us,” said Stuart Solomon, chief operating officer, Recorded Future. “Joining this ecosystem allows our shared clients to streamline their security processes, weaving in trusted, automated intelligence into their workflows.”

Cortex XSOAR is the industry’s first extended security orchestration, automation, and response platform that empowers security teams by simplifying and harmonizing security operations across their entire enterprise. As a native extension of Cortex XSOAR, the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace enables customers to discover, share, and consume orchestration innovations contributed by the industry’s largest SOAR community.

Know Everything: Accelerating Security With Intelligence

The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform enables collaboration across security functions while providing a single authoritative source for all intelligence needs, including SecOps and Response, Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection, Vulnerability Management, Third-Party Risk, and Geopolitical Risk.