Recorded Future Releases Second Investment in Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence (CTCI)

Recorded Future Releases Second Investment in Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence (CTCI)-01

Recorded Future, the world’s largest intelligence company, today announced its second investment in CVE intelligence company Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence (CTCI) through The Intelligence Fund. This new investment will support CTCI’s mission of providing unparalleled CVE visibility across the most critical areas – coverage, timeliness, and accuracy – to arm organizations with easy-to-use, actionable vulnerability intelligence.

“CTCI has continued to hone its vulnerability detection capabilities, surfacing weaponized vulnerabilities hundreds of days faster than what we’re seeing from other intelligence companies and agencies. We’re excited at the progress CTCI has made since our initial investment and the unique, actionable insights we can incorporate into Recorded Future’s Intelligence Platform, and thrilled to be able to continue to invest in their growth.” – Bill Ladd, Chief Data Scientist, Recorded Future

Combining cognitive reasoning and machine learning with intelligence lifecycle collection, CTCI curates and validates CVE data that threat actors are currently using or about to use, providing it to clients through its CVE Early Warning List (CEWL). CEWL provides insight into weaponized vulnerabilities with unsurpassed breadth of coverage across vendors and has published CVE entries earlier than other intelligence companies and agencies.

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“Unpatched vulnerabilities continue to be the leading cause of breaches for organizations, and industry reporting still lags behind the pace of threat actor exploitation. We firmly believe in Recorded Future’s mission of securing the world with intelligence, and our partnership with them has enabled us to surface industry-leading vulnerability intelligence to put organizations ahead of threat actor exploitation.” – Michael Freeman, Chief Threat Officer, Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence

The Intelligence Fund , funded and directed by Recorded Future, invests in experienced founders looking to tackle significant problems that require novel approaches using data sets, collection platforms, and applications that integrate into the Recorded FutureIntelligence Platform and ecosystem.

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