Rey Assurance Unveils US$4.2M Seed Round and Introduced Innovative, Regulatory-Approved Insurance Products with ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Rey Assurance Unveils US_4.2M Seed Round and Introduced Innovative_ Regulatory-Approved Insurance Products with ISOIEC 27001 Certification-01

Rey Assurance (“Rey” or “the Company”), the first dedicated and integrated health, life and critical illness insurtech company in Indonesia, today announced $4.2M in seed funding to advance its digital health products and leading technology platform. In addition to announcing the funding from the Trans-Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF), Genesia Ventures, and RDS, the Company is launching a new, disruptive suite of outpatient and inpatient products that have received approval from the Indonesian insurance regulator, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

The new products enable Rey’s Members to personalize services with the level of cover that best matches their needs. Rey’s products are linked to the Company’s proprietary cashless claims system, eliminating the tedious admission and discharging process at all healthcare providers. The claim system includes ReyCard, a debit card that enables Rey’s Members to make payment simply and immediately at any healthcare provider of choice, even outside the traditional hospital network. The combination of customizable products, cashless claims, provider flexibility, and the other optimizations the ecosystem provides delivers significant cost savings for Members compared to traditional insurance.

“Unlike most legacy insurers, Rey prioritizes outpatient products that are affordable and painless, complemented by our best value inpatient products, which all feature experience-centric care and wellness features into our end-to-end health solution,” said Evan Tanotogono, Rey CEO and Co-Founder. “We are grateful for the funding and expanded partnerships which support our mission to help improve health equity for all Indonesians while also shining a spotlight for other countries seeking to create a new paradigm for providing innovative insurance solutions for their population.”

In another first for an Indonesian insurtech, Rey received ISO/IEC 27001 certification with the scope of “Information Security Management for Digital Insurance with Integrated Health Ecosystem”. This certification demonstrates Rey’s commitment to the quality use of its Members’ data in the Company’s proprietary end-to-end health and wellness ecosystem that integrates 360-degree EHR, claim database and analytics, and primary care system with pharmacy formularium management.

“The opportunity to deliver life-changing products and services to address the significant unmet needs for the ~97% of the ~270 million Indonesian population is one of the major reasons TPTF decided to jointly lead the round with Genesia Ventures”, said Glenn Kline, Managing Partner of the Trans-Pacific Technology Fund.

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In addition to Rey’s CEO Evan Tanotogono, who previously served as the Head of Digital Channel at Sequis, a major local life & health insurer in Indonesia, Rey’s other co-founders include:

  • David Nugroho, Chief Business Officer: David is a 25+-year insurance industry veteran who most recently served as Chief Digital Partnership Officer at Prudential.
  • Bobby Siagian, Chief Technology Officer: Bobby has over 10+ years of experience, having worked as a senior technology leader for over 10 years at IBM, Sea, and recently Tokopedia.
  • Rosi Setyo Nugroho, Vice President of Product: A licensed pharmacist and with a Master’s degree from New York University Robert F. Wagner Graduate School in Health Policy & Management, Rosi has ~10 years’ healthcare experience including playing a critical role in building a digital primary care system that is used by one of the largest managed care insurers in Indonesia.

“It is not often that you find a team with this level of technology and industry expertise coupled with a ground-breaking concept of an integrated health and wellness ecosystem with cashless claims, telemedicine, managed care, life insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance,” said Takahiro Suzuki, General Partner of Genesia Ventures. “We are excited about collaborating with Rey’s leadership, TPTF and other world-class partners to solve a critical problem facing Indonesia.”

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