Riding the mmWave for a Full-blast 5G Experience with NEXCOM’s Professional uCPE

Riding the mmWave for a Full-blast 5G Experience with NEXCOM's Professional uCPE

NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, announces that its professional uCPE – DFA 1163 Series – is now available with mmWave technology enabled. Cooperating with Thales, leader in digital security, and leveraging their award winning Cinterion® MV31-W modem card, NEXCOM offers a unique uCPE white-box for ultra-high-speed 5G FR2 connectivity. DFA 1163 Series also offers additional value added features, including eight switch ports, Wi-Fi 6, PoE+ and one 10GbE SFP+ port for server grade connectivity.

Technologies advance at rapid rate like never before, bringing more and more high tech wonders to our lives, something we could not imagine just 5-10 years ago. Now people can enjoy life to the fullest without leaving their homes at all, except for the moments of network downtime. To live up to the “ultra” prefix and attain undeniable advantages of 5G (low latency and high-speed), new mmWave technology comes to service.

The co-operation of NEXCOM and Thales has resulted in a professional uCPE with mmWave technology support, which is now ready to win the market. Besides all advantages on hardware level, another benefit of the DFA 1163 Series is deployment in both 5G Standalone and Non-Standalone infrastructures, which makes it a future-proof appliance.

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“Our collaboration with Thales on leveraging latest 5G technologies has already become a good tradition,” said Allan Chiu, VP of Network & Communication Solutions at NEXCOM. “This is our second big project together and we are proud to have such a reliable partner as Thales. With such a great team up, NEXCOM can be the first to offer our customers unique solutions for building reliable networks, for today and the future.”

“We are excited to continue our successful partnership with NEXCOM. 5G cellular connectivity is a vital ingredient for the future of IoT, and NEXCOM’s outstanding 5G universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) represents a trailblazing, reliable entry point to 5G wireless connectivity.” said Sashidhar Thothadri, VP IoT Products Global Sales at Thales. “As a key component, Thales Cinterion IoT Modem Card boasts ultra-high-speed 5G enhanced mobile broadband with 4G fallback.”

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