Ringdale collaborates with Microsoft to integrate FollowMe with Universal Print for added compliance and end-to-end print security

Ringdale collaborates

Ringdale, the provider of FollowMe®, the trusted print management solution for enterprise and government organizations, is collaborating with Microsoft to integrate with Microsoft’s new Universal Print solution.

Ringdale is working with Microsoft to help Microsoft 365 customers who use the new Universal Print service will be able to incorporate the latest security and data privacy protection policies when printing from both cloud-based and hybrid environments.

The FollowMe vendor-neutral platform connects and secures cloud printing for more than 15 different OEM brands to the Universal Print service. Enterprises interested in the Universal Print service will be able to secure their printing with existing print fleets, eliminating additional investments from changing their printer and multifunction device fleets.

As of July 21, Universal Print is available in public preview for Microsoft 365 subscribers from Microsoft. For subscribers interested in more information about Universal Print and the Ringdale integration with Microsoft Universal Print, sign up here for updates.

“Strategically partnering with Microsoft allows Ringdale to augment Universal Print with our security and compliance features that are essential for large enterprises that are transforming their workplaces,” said Jan Bollmann, Executive Vice President at Ringdale. “Our customers and partners will be able to take advantage of Universal Print with their existing printing fleets”.

“Universal Print was designed to move key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft cloud and simplify printing,” says Issa Khoury, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft. “Collaborating with Ringdale offers customers the joint value of Universal Print and FollowMe for added privacy and security.”


Ringdale is working with Microsoft to make the Universal Print connector for FollowMe available when the Microsoft 365 Universal Print platform becomes generally available.