Rocket Software Acquires Amsterdam-Based Uniface, Expanding Application Platform Footprint

Rocket Software Acquires Amsterdam-Based Uniface_ Expanding Application Platform Footprint

Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enterprise modernization and optimization solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Netherlands based Uniface, a pioneer in accelerating innovation through its low-code application platform. Uniface, its employees, and its products are now part of Rocket®, which already has significant operations in the Netherlands.

The Uniface low-code application platform is a robust, enterprise-grade platform enabling developers to focus on UX and business logic rather than on coding, thus enabling mission-critical applications to reach the market faster. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value low-code solutions such as Uniface deliver, including high productivity and agile component-based development, making possible the reuse of existing assets.

“Low-code development and digital process automation (DPA) platforms are crucial foundations for business in the COVID-19 world,” said Rob Koplowitz, John Bratincevic and John Rymer of Forrester Research in a report entitled, Navigating the Rapid App Delivery Market: Consolidation and Confusion in the Fast-Growing Low Code and Digital Process Automation Market. ”Companies that had low-code and/or DPA platforms responded far better to the demands of the COVID-19 crisis than those that didn’t.” ¹

Thousands of companies in more than 30 countries rely on Uniface software to start, run, and scale their businesses. This acquisition expands the ability of Rocket to develop and modernize mission-critical enterprise applications that deliver legendary business outcomes. Rocket has completed and integrated more than 50 acquisitions since 1990 and is planning further investments in strategic innovation to improve developer ease-of-use and end-user customer experience to unlock the value of legacy Uniface applications.

“This isn’t just a technological match, but also a philosophical one,” said P. Gary Gregory, President of the Database and Connectivity Business Unit at Rocket Software. “Both companies are in their fourth decades and are recognized leaders in their respective fields who share a passion for putting their customers first. Rocket extends our core values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust and Love to Uniface customers and partners. We are excited to welcome a great new team to Rocket as we continue to expand our business around the world by creating legendary outcomes.”