Safety NetAccess, Inc. Creates ‘HomeWorx’ Product to Help Companies Manage the Work From Home Movement

Safety NetAccess

Safety NetAccess, Inc. (“SNA”) is excited to announce the creation of a new product line, HomeWorx, to help companies manage the Wi-Fi and IT Security needs of their remote workforces.

HomeWorx is designed to provide a company’s remote workforce with enterprise-level Wi-Fi security. As companies move their workforces out of physical offices and to remote locations in their employees’ homes, their IT departments need stronger security. HomeWorx provides a private secure wireless signal (aka SSID) for each remote office and limits the signal to the employees’ remote office devices. This separation from other devices in the remote office location adds an important level of security to each network, protecting it from intruders, viruses, and more that could enter the networks through other less secure devices. HomeWorx includes a firewall, 24x7x365 network support, and enterprise equipment built to keep your Wi-Fi operational and your home office secure. Additionally, once installed, HomeWorx will continue to auto-install the latest firmware and software updates, always keeping your home office protected.

“With the recent increase of organizations transitioning to a work-from-home environment due to COVID-19, security measures must be heightened to ensure that a company’s assets are always protected,” advised Todd Shobert, Chief Technology Officer at SNA. “Recent malicious and targeted attacks on work-from-home employees have increased the urgency for companies to provide their workforce with a simplified solution that is easy to implement and provides unlimited security protection.”

After an in-depth product search, SNA has selected Aruba remote access points (RAPs) as an integral part of the solution. Aruba RAPs have a built-in firewall, tunneling, and remote management capabilities. When coupled with SNA’s proprietary SNAP centralized management, 24x7x365 contact center, and order fulfillment team, this solution provides a phenomenal offering for the remote workforce.

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“Though some IT organizations were already in the midst of adapting to supporting a more distributed workforce, the global pandemic has certainly significantly accelerated that timeline, as evidenced in a recent study from Aruba,” said Paul Kaspian, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Hybrid Workplace Solutions at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “Aruba RAPs are a central part of SNA’s new HomeWorx solution, an offering that will help organizations deliver enterprise-level Wi-Fi security to keep their employees safe and productive when working remotely.”

HomeWorx is available with multiple options and configurations to fit any organization’s budget or support needs. Backed by an industry-leading provider of Wi-Fi networks, SNA has the experience and the technical resources to help organizations with a new era of remote workforce Wi-Fi management.