Saxon Financial Group Chooses Entreda To Provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Saxon Financial Group Chooses Entreda To Provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services-01

Entreda, an award-winning developer of integrated cybersecurity compliance software and solutions for the wealth management and insurance industries, today announced that Houston, Texas-based Saxon Financial Group, which oversees $440 million in client assets, has elected Entreda to provide their 18 advisors and employees with network protection under Entreda’s top-ranked cybersecurity platform, Unify.

Saxon Financial Group’s decision to choose Entreda to protect its advisors and their clients is the latest indication that the leading cybersecurity vendor to wealth managers is strengthening its presence among independent RIAs. Pursuant to the agreement, Saxon Financial Group will be able to safeguard its business through a highly knowledgeable partner that has been recognized for outstanding service in the areas of 24×7 end-point monitoring, auto-remediations for end-point devices, disk encryption, critical security updates and data leakage monitoring. Entreda’s Unify 360 Concierge Service will also provide Saxon Financial Group’s network with an extra layer of data protection.

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Sid Yenamandra, CEO and founder of Entreda, a Smarsh company, said, “The best financial advisors need industry-leading solutions that defend against multiple threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and even cyber extortion, to protect themselves and their clients from harm. Wealth managers need to see all the facets of the bigger picture to run their businesses safely and efficiently. Entreda’s services to fast-growing and successful firms like Saxon Financial Group enable them to do that through weekly reports, a centralized management console, and a cybersecurity risk scoring system. With Entreda as partner, Saxon Financial Group now has an all-in-one vendor that meets their cyber compliance requirements.”

Entreda’s other services, including Third-Party Risk Management, hierarchical-based account access, the use of fine-grained user and device attributes to determine access policies, will further enhance monitoring of all of Saxon Financial Group’s network computers and devices. Third-party vendor risk assessment will help Saxon Financial Group better evaluate the potential risks of working with a vendor. Saxon Financial Group will also have access to phishing simulations and security awareness training that will take place at regular intervals throughout the year, as well as access to Entreda’s proprietary Credential Theft Monitoring solution.

Saxon Financial Group, which became a fully independent RIA in 2021, chose Entreda because of the need for a cyber compliance system available from an all-in-one provider.

Richard Saxon, President at Saxon Financial Group, said, “Our firm was built with the clients we serve in mind. Whether they are individuals, families or renowned institutions serving their communities, our clients must at all times be shielded from cyber risks and system vulnerabilities. Entreda’s award-winning cybersecurity compliance platform addresses regulatory changes and advances productivity for wealth management firms and allows financial advisors to focus on what they do best: build relationships.”

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