Sectigo Partners with Thomas Peer to Drive Expansion in Australia and New Zealand

Sectigo Partners with Thomas Peer to Drive Expansion in Australia and New Zealand-01

Sectigo®, a global provider of digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management solutions, today announced its partnership with Thomas Peer, an IT services and management consulting firm serving the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region.

The Melbourne-based provider is a preferred ANZ partner for Sectigo. Through this new partnership, Sectigo’s digital identity and automated certificate lifecycle management solution — Sectigo Certificate Manager — will be available in the suite of solutions Thomas Peer offers its clients. Access to Sectigo’s platform helps organizations stay compliant as privacy and security laws across the region are expected to be enacted in the next 12 months.

Over the past two years, Europe and the U.S. have passed stringent security regulations. The Australian government, having recently released the Essential Eight Maturity Model, indicates that they will soon follow suit. Until the regulations are published, security experts recommend implementing security frameworks such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISO 27001, for which public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management is a fundamental component.

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“We at Thomas Peer are extremely excited about being selected as a preferred partner and bringing Sectigo’s digital identity solutions to the Australia and New Zealand region,” said Andreas Nikolakopoulos, Sales Manager, Thomas Peer. “As laws developed in Europe in recent years, I saw the benefits that even the largest enterprises gained by leveraging Sectigo’s advanced digital identity management solution. Now, as similar laws become reality in the ANZ region, we will be able to manage all the authentication for organizations with sprawling IT infrastructure and significant use of IoT, easing the administrative load on internal IT teams.”

Sectigo Certificate Manager is a certificate lifecycle management platform that enables automated management of digital identities and certificates of every device, user and application across an enterprise.

“The move towards more distributed workforces means the threat landscape has grown, and the traditional security approach of focusing on IP addresses and/or Active Directory authentication is significantly less effective. Companies must put a much larger emphasis on authentication based on the identity of each device, user and entity seeking access to its network or applications,” said Jason Soroko, Chief Technology Officer of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at Sectigo.

Soroko continued: “This is why Sectigo’s innovative PKI solutions play a critical role in enabling zero-trust environments by automating the deployment, discovery, management, and renewal of digital certificates for every device, user, and application across the enterprise. We are excited to name Thomas Peer our preferred partner to offer its clients a digital identity and PKI management solution. This new alliance will help us to expand the Sectigo brand into the ANZ region and help keep enterprises secure and compliant as new laws emerge.”

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