SecuriThings Partners with Convergint Technologies to Provide Risk Mitigation and Automated Maintenance for Physical Security Devices

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SecuriThings, a leading IoT technology provider, announced a strategic partnership with Convergint Technologies, a leading global systems integrator, to protect customers’ connected devices, while improving their ongoing operations.

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SecuriThings Horizon is the first IoTOps solution to offer risk detection, predictive maintenance, and automated operations for IoT devices, with a strong focus on the physical security space. The software-only solution provides operational teams with full visibility and control on the devices they are accountable for, in one unified view. SecuriThings Horizon is already deployed in major airports, universities, cities, and large enterprises, monitoring millions of devices globally.

In recent years, physical security devices such as video surveillance, access control, and fire and life safety, have mostly shifted from analog to IP-based. Their critical value leads to any shutdown resulting from a maintenance issue or a cyber-threat to potentially jeopardize the entire security and operational posture.

This new partnership will allow Convergint’s customers to benefit from risk mitigation and automated maintenance for these mission-critical IoT systems. SecuriThings’ device-level approach helps handle the scalability of IoT deployments, automating maintenance tasks that are commonly performed manually and randomly – if at all. Using Horizon, organizations can significantly reduce costs, and reinforce their operational and security efficiency.

“Organizations are already spending overhead costs when managing the operations of their connected devices, but using tools that don’t fit the need,” said Roy Dagan, CEO of SecuriThings. “While operational IoT teams are required to improve efficiency and at the same time IT demands improved cybersecurity, Horizon offers both risk mitigation and automated maintenance for each device. We trust this partnership will allow Convergint’s customers to easily benefit from Horizon’s capabilities and drive significant value and cost savings from day one.”

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“Partnering with best-of-breed firm SecuriThings, we can provide our customers with a solution tailored for the needs of the entire industry,” said Kevin Donegan, Vice President Strategy & Cybersecurity at Convergint Technologies. “Improving operational efficiency with the depth of the technology as well as automation and remote management capabilities should benefit both end-users and management.”