Silo By Authentic8 Becomes First Cloud-Native Web Isolation Platform To Be Awarded FedRAMP Authorization

Silo by Authentic8 Becomes First Cloud-Native Web Isolation Platform to Be Awarded FedRAMP Authorization

Authentic8, creators of the Silo Web Isolation Platform, today announced that its Silo product suite and cloud infrastructure have officially achieved FedRAMP authorization, a comprehensive certification proving its products and services meet security standards to host U.S. government data.

FedRAMP is the only third-party certification program approved by the U.S. government to vet the integrity of private cloud services. Authentic8 is one of approximately 215 vendors to attain FedRAMP authorization.

“FedRAMP authorization is the gold standard for cloud-based services, and Silo is the only web isolation platform to have achieved it. FedRAMP, unlike self-certifications, requires authorized third parties to assess and validate compliance with a codified set of federal risk management requirements,” said Scott Petry, Authentic8 CEO.

“With FedRAMP certification, Authentic8 has been verified to be sufficiently secure to host U.S. government data, regardless of the agency. Any organization, whether public sector or private, benefits directly from the inherent security as well as the continuous improvement process that FedRAMP entails.”

Government agencies and Fortune 500 enterprises use the Silo Web Isolation Platform to harden and simplify their security architectures; to give secure and anonymous web access to staff; to control high-value workflows, sensitive data and web-based applications; and to conduct web research with zero risk of attribution back to the device or network.

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“By leveraging Silo’s FedRAMP authorization, customers who need to operate under any compliance framework immediately benefit,” said Michael Fledderjohann, Director of Security and Compliance at Authentic8. “Our security controls, combined with core Silo capabilities like access control, data policy enforcement and encrypted logging, help our customers to ensure their own compliance with other standards like HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOX, GLB, PCI and more.”

Authentic8’s patented Silo Web Isolation Platform works by creating an isolation layer between users and the web by executing all web code off-site in a disposable container in the cloud, keeping it from reaching the network environment or end device.

Silo embeds security, identity and data policies directly into the browser. It unlocks the power of the web and eliminates the risks of uncontrolled third-party web content, unauthorized access, employee misuse of unmanaged devices or malicious intent by hackers or state-sponsored actors.

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