BlueVoyant and TELMEX Scitum Announce Strategic Cybersecurity Alliance

Strategic Cybersecurity Alliance

This association extends various capabilities to manage cyber threats for companies in Mexico

BlueVoyant and TELMEX Scitum, two leading cybersecurity companies, have today announced an exclusive alliance for Mexico under which TELMEX Scitum will integrate BlueVoyant’s services into its portfolio.

This new partnership allows TELMEX Scitum to introduce a more robust offering for managed security, detection, and response in Mexico and the broader Latin American market, as well as threat intelligence and brand protection services.

Ulises Castillo, TELMEX Scitum CEO, comments: “We are excited to work collaboratively with BlueVoyant. Its capabilities for managing cyber threats through cyber threat intelligence services, endpoint protection, and third-party risk management are truly exceptional. This very naturally complements our portfolio of current services and capabilities.”

“The partnership with TELMEX Scitum underpins BlueVoyant’s international expansion with the aim of protecting against global cyberattacks,” said Jarret Benavidez, Vice Chairman of BlueVoyant International. “TELMEX Scitum has the broadest portfolio of cybersecurity services in the region, the most specialized personnel, and the full understanding of the needs of Mexican clients.”

“Together, TELMEX Scitum and BlueVoyant have demonstrated our ability to provide industry-leading cybersecurity capabilities and extensive operational experience for TELMEX Scitum’s clients,” said Jim Rosenthal, Co-Founder, and CEO of BlueVoyant. “We are very happy to partner with TELMEX Scitum, to offer our services and capabilities to companies in Mexico.”

Throughout its 22-year history, TELMEX Scitum has continued to innovate. In recent years, it has focused on developing its own capabilities and complementing them through alliances, in order to help its clients face different types of cyberattacks. In this sense, it has created the largest security operation centers (SOCs) in Latin America and has formed the most advanced cyber intelligence team (which includes the broadest ecosystem of international collaboration in the region for the exchange of threat intelligence). It has also invested significantly in training its 650+ specialists.

BlueVoyant is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity firms in the world, with clients from a cross-section of industries, including financial services, retail, manufacturing, government, and education sectors, among others.