SuperCom Ships Equipment for Three New Pilots of its People Tracking Solutions in the Caribbean, Central America and South America

Three New Pilots

SuperCom continues to see new leads and opportunities for its proprietary location tracking and home containment technologies in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19) and electronic monitoring of offenders.

SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB), a global provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, Public Safety, HealthCare, and Finance sectors, announced today that it has shipped equipment for three new pilots of its people tracking solutions in the CaribbeanCentral America and South America. Depending on the needs of each customer, SuperCom shipped equipment from either its PureHealth COVID-19 suite, its PureSecurity electronic offender monitoring suite, or both.

The solutions, which entail proprietary secure smartphones with optional lightweight and waterproof ankle-bracelets, are designed to assist government efforts in public safety or in combating the spread of the coronavirus through people’s location tracking and stay-at-home compliance rules being implemented around the globe. SuperCom has a demonstrated commitment to secured boundaries projects which have been used to successfully identify, monitor, and validate the credentials of tens of millions of people in many countries across the globe in North AmericaEuropeAfricaAsia, and Latin America.

“We are continuing to see and pursue new opportunities for our COVID-19 quarantine solution as well as our electronic offender monitoring solutions. The synergies are excellent. We have built our people tracking technology infrastructure to be extremely versatile and valuable across a broad spectrum of business use cases, leveraging the same engineering teams and core technical capabilities. It’s exciting to see the overlap between these solutions on the sales and customer side as well. Two of the three shipments include both PureHealth and PureSecurity technology, showing individual customer interest in potentially using our technology to help solve multiple problems.”

“Especially during these times, it seems our potential government customers are looking to not only overcome their current challenges but proactively prepare for the future. It is key to our mission to be there and support them with continued innovation and technology solutions. The same goes for people tracking. Tracking locations of individuals accurately and securely is difficult. It takes years of experience and significant investment to master, especially when you’re looking for a solution to function almost anywhere in the world. We have struck a compassionate balance between citizen comfort and convenience while providing government agencies with the safety and security features they need to confidently monitor those with location restrictions, such as home containment. Our technology is scalable, designed for rapid deployment, and highly configurable for multiple risk levels and containment models. It has been deployed across the globe and proven successful in different environments and infrastructures,” concluded Arie Trabelsi.

SuperCom’s COVID-19 quarantine technology solution is comprised of products in SuperCom’s PureHealth technology suite to include the PureCare smartphone and additional security accessories. The PureCare smartphone is easy to operate and carry, providing a familiar form factor for those requiring its use. The PureCare smartphone is infused with proprietary software that provides citizens with an easy to use interface that helps them understand their location restrictions and facilitates two-way communication with healthcare or other monitoring agencies. PureCare accessories include the PureTag Bluetooth ankle bracelet. Weighing only 2 ounces, the PureTag ankle bracelet requires no charging, is ergonomic, hypoallergenic, and provides an extra-secure validation layer. PureMonitor, SuperCom’s proprietary cloud-based command and control software, receives all field device-generated data and presents agencies with easily digestible and actionable intelligence.

SuperCom’s PureSecurity Suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform, which contains a comprehensive set of innovative features, including smartphone integration, secure communication, advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication, unique touch screens, and extended battery life.