SureShield Reveals Full Platform Integration with

SureShield Reveals Full Platform Integration with 01-01

SureShield, a leading provider of simple-to-implement, continuous security risk management and compliance software technologies is now fully integrated with, a popular cloud-based project management platform.

This integration was prompted by SureShield partner Choice Cybersecurity. allows Choice Cybersecurity to efficiently gather customer data and populate the SureShield platform for compliance and report-generating purposes. Choice Cybersecurity is comfortable with both the user-friendly interface and the solid reporting structure and dashboard offered by SureShield. Now fully integrated, Choice Cybersecurity can offer its customers rock-solid compliance services at breakneck speed.

Toggling between platforms to manually input and output data is a painstaking process for any organization. The integration renders this inefficient workflow unnecessary. A common dashboard is now available for day-to-day management and reporting purposes.

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“This is a game changer. The 2-way interface has reduced the amount of manual labor required to manage the compliance process,” says Steve Rutkovitz, Cofounder and CEO of Choice Cybersecurity. “Platform modifications allow us one view, which significantly reduces workload, helps organize and automate data, and lowers the chance of data inconsistency.”

Alex Spigel, Cofounder and COO of Choice Cybersecurity, says, “We are amazed by the SureShield integration. Their willingness to customize this integration has been a game-changer for our project management and has allowed us to concentrate on getting our clients to become and stay compliant by using our existing workflow.”

“We are willing to integrate with other productivity platforms,” says Sanjaya Kumar, CEO, SureShield. He adds, “SureShield is neither a siloed application nor a disruptor of established workflows. Instead, our applications are easy-to-use enhancements of best security, compliance, and integrity practices. We are committed to ensuring SureShield works seamlessly with our MSP, MSSP and virtual CISO partners as well as our direct customers.”

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