SyncDog Enhances Mobile Threat Defense Capabilities with Zimperium

Mobile Threat Defense Capabilities

On-Device Protection Detects Threats Targeting Mobile Devices in Real-Time.

SyncDog Inc., the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for next-generation mobile security and data loss prevention, today announced a partnership with the global leader in mobile threat defense (MTD), Zimperium. Through this relationship, Zimperium’s zDefend solution will be integrated into the Secure. Systems platform. zDefend quickly embeds Zimperium’s advanced z9 machine learning-based engine into the platform delivering the following benefits:

  • On-device, machine learning-based mobile security for device, network and malicious app attacks;
  • A quickly and invisibly embedded SDK inside apps resulting in 100% security adoption; and
  • Negligible overhead and minimal permission requirements.

“The need for mobile devices to conduct business operations in today’s climate is critical, and the increased importance of employees having that level of access has resulted in enterprises rethinking their mobile security strategies,” says Brian Egenrieder, Chief Revenue Officer at SyncDog. “It is imperative that employees are able to access corporate data from wherever they are, on whichever device they choose, without compromising the integrity of their employers’ data.”

Egenrieder continued, “By integrating Zimperium into our Secure. Systems platform, enterprises will be able to offer enhanced mobile protection to their employees, while remaining ahead of emerging mobile threats, all without limiting productivity, invading employee privacy, or sacrificing usability. Companies will no longer need to be concerned with the applications employees may have downloaded, and the associated malware that could come with them, as the combination of Zimperium and SyncDog will isolate and encrypt corporate apps and data from personal use apps while continuing to monitor the device to ensure it is secure.”

Users will have access to a secure, containerized mobile workspace that utilizes Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), going beyond traditional mobility management solutions. This offering will grant security teams and IT personnel increased visibility into emerging mobile threats and risks that put their organization’s data in jeopardy.

The combined solution offers an all-in-one mobile security solution that prioritizes user experience and is easy to deploy and integrate into enterprises’ existing mobile strategies, ultimately providing peace of mind for the organization and its employees when conducting business operations outside of the company network.

“As the number of employees accessing enterprise data on their mobile devices steadily increases, so too does the number of threats to those devices,” said Nitin Bhatia, Chief Strategy Officer at Zimperium. “With no signs of mobile device use at the workplace slowing, especially with the evolving pandemic, companies must take complete ownership of securing their IP. Part of taking ownership will be to instill a security posture to prepare for employees working remotely, permanently. This relationship will enable SyncDog to offer enhanced protection on both corporate-managed and employee-owned devices – without the need for an MDM/EMM device management profile – further supporting their use and promoting the productivity of on-the-go employees without the worry of cyberattacks targeting mobile devices.”