Thales accelerates digital transformation of cloud payment ecosystem

Thales accelerates digital transformation of cloud payment ecosystem-01

Thales announced today that its payShield 10K technology is powering the delivery of Microsoft Azure Payments Hardware Security Module (HSM). This new HSM service provides cryptographic key operations to secure vital real-time payment transactions in Azure. The solution, currently in public preview , will enable service providers and financial institutions to confidently accelerate the digital transformation of their cloud payment systems.

The integration of Thales payShield 10K with Microsoft Azure Payments HSM enables cloud-based solutions that support a wide range of use cases including payment processing, payment credential issuance, key and authentication data security, and sensitive data protection of.

Todd Moore, Vice President of Thales Encryption Products, said: “Moving payments to the cloud through digital transformation has the potential to bring huge benefits to financial institutions and payment providers. Integrating Thales’ payment HSM technology will also bring benefits to financial institutions’ payment applications. This brings an extremely high level of security along with other attractive new features including scalability, consumption-based pricing and remote management.”

Devendra Tiwari, Senior Director, Security, Microsoft Azure, said: “The Microsoft Azure Payments HSM will significantly ease the difficulty for enterprises to adopt cloud technology and accelerate the security transformation of their payment systems. By integrating Thales’ payShield 10K, we are not only able to meet the needs of our customers, but also It also ensures the security and integrity of every payment transaction.”

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Data protection and security for paying HSM users

The Microsoft Azure Payments HSM enabled by Thales payShield brings clear advantages to customers, whether they are Payments HSM users using an on-premises HSM or new payment ecosystem players opting for a cloud-native approach from the start. These advantages include:

  • Enhanced security and compliance: The Azure Payments HSM solution can be deployed as part of a proven PCI P2PE/PCI PIN component or solution, helping to simplify evolving security audit compliance. Thales’ payShield 10K HSM is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM v3 certified.
  • Customer-managed HSMs in Azure: Azure Paid HSMs are part of a subscription service that provides single-tenant HSMs, full customer control, and exclusive HSM access. Microsoft also does not have access to customer data when HSM is configured. And when customers no longer need the HSM, their data is deleted as soon as the HSM service is released to ensure complete privacy and security.
  • payShield HSM Remote Management: As a built-in feature of the service, users can utilize Thales payShield Manager for secure remote access to HSMs. Multiple subscription options are available to meet a wide range of performance and application requirements, and can be quickly upgraded as end-user business grows.

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