Thales Unveils Solution to Help SAP Customers Control Data in the Cloud

Thales Unveils Solution to Help SAP Customers Control Data in the Cloud
Thales Unveils Solution to Help SAP Customers Control Data in the Cloud

Thales announced the launch of a new cloud-based data protection solution. The solution is designed to protect sensitive data of SAP customers in SAP applications in public cloud environments. Together, the two companies are introducing a range of new capabilities that enable security teams to own and centrally control encryption keys in the public cloud, while helping meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

The solution enables customers to take advantage of Thales’ enhanced external key management service to protect sensitive data, thereby realizing the full potential of SAP technology in the cloud. The service integrates with SAP Data Custodian to control and secure SAP data in public cloud environments.

Dr. Wasif Gilani , Vice President and Head of SAP Data Custodian , SAP said: “SAP Data Custodian is designed to give customers confidence that their data is safe when using the public cloud. The introduction of Thales external key management service demonstrates our commitment to this A commitment to our mission, because with Thales ’ unmatched key management solutions, our customers will be able to use the high-quality keys they know and trust when using Data Custodian . ”

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Centralized control of SAP data in the public cloud

SAP customers can now leverage Thales’ CipherTrust cloud key manager to provide external key management services for SAP Data Custodian . CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager ensures complete encryption key lifecycle management and provides centralized key management services to maintain control of sensitive SAP customer data across multiple public clouds.

The new Thales CipherTrust Tokenization solution, launched at SAP Data Custodian, builds on the two companies’ long-standing partnership in encryption and tokenization solutions.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager helps SAP customers manage cloud-native keys and provides bring-your-own-key (BYOK) and self-control key (HYOK) support to meet the growing preference of enterprises to maintain and control their own keys High-quality keys to use in the cloud and meet compliance requirements.

Todd Moore , Senior Vice President, Thales said: ” Enterprise cybersecurity leaders know that external key management solutions are critical to protecting valuable data assets in the cloud. Thales CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager and SAP The integration of Data Custodian will make it easier for users to manage their multi-cloud encryption keys across multiple leading cloud platforms. We will continue to work with companies such as SAP to develop data security solutions that meet the needs of our global customers. ”

The Bring Your Own Key solution jointly developed by Thales and SAP is available today.

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