Traceable AI Launches New Capabilities to API Catalog for API Discovery and Risk Management

Traceable AI Launches New Capabilities to API Catalog for API Discovery and Risk Management-01

Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security and observability company, now offers an enhanced API Catalog solution to enable organizations to overcome their challenges with API discovery and risk assessment. Inventory of assets is the bedrock of every security program, and the first step in an API security journey begins with knowing your APIs. Security leaders need to automatically and continuously discover all APIs, identify sensitive data flows, and assess API risk exposure to manage API-related security threats. This calls for an actionable API Catalog that provides capabilities beyond traditional API discovery and inventory tools.

“Most organizations do not have an accurate account and up-to-date inventory of their APIs,” said Traceable AI CEO and Co-founder Jyoti Bansal. “Shadow APIs can linger, and frequent releases by development teams makes it difficult for security teams to keep up and manage their risks and exposure. Automation of discovery and an always up-to-date inventory and cataloging of every API in the organization are critical first steps in detecting real-time changes and managing risks.”

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Organizations must be able to uncover sensitive data flows, perform conformance analysis, and assess the business risk of their APIs to proactively identify and evaluate the vulnerabilities used in their business logic.

Traceable AI’s enhanced API Catalog provides three main benefits to Security, DevOps, and Compliance teams:
  • Security: Security teams get a real-time API catalog, including a risk assessment of all the APIs and the associated data so they can obtain a comprehensive view of their attack surface and risk posture. This helps them prioritize API security issues that must be addressed.
  • DevOps Teams: CI/CD integrations allow DevOps teams to address security issues the same way they would address quality issues in the testing process. With API Catalog, they can identify problems early in non-production environments and quickly fix them, as finding issues in production is far more expensive and time-consuming to remediate.
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance: Most IT controls require an accurate and current API inventory. Now, with API Catalog, GRC teams have a real-time, accurate API inventory and visibility into sensitive data exposure, particularly as they answer to regulatory bodies. With the API Catalog, they can track all data correlated across disparate systems. This results in comprehensive audits and compliance efficiency.

APIs transmit huge amounts of sensitive data, but often, most security teams don’t have sufficient visibility into their APIs or what data is potentially being exposed. Because the API landscape is continuously changing, often being deployed to different platforms, security now has to deal with API sprawl, and they can be caught flying blind with an inventory that is outdated. This introduces an unknown attack surface and increased risk to the organization on top of compliance concerns. By discovering all types of APIs and assessing their risk, organizations can obtain granular visibility and gain a greater understanding of their risk exposure.

The API Catalog solution provides DevSecOps with a single pane of glass for all APIs by showing all API activity in one place. The catalog prioritizes the most important and useful information first, as well as detailing potential risks and sensitive data exposure for all of the APIs that have been discovered. The API Catalog provides the ability to turn on the lights and make shadow APIs visible, including anything that is not going through API gateways. In order to keep up with DevOps teams, the API Catalog displays a live feed of all API changes. For instance, if an API is modified and released, Traceable captures the change and gives instant insight—headers added or any parameters that might have changed.

“An accurate API inventory is critical to many aspects of IT within organizations. Compliance, risk and privacy teams require this, particularly as they answer to regulatory bodies,” said Bansal. “However, a number of organizations still do this manually and spend valuable time and resources on tedious cataloging tasks. Now is the time to choose automation and have an API inventory you can trust.”

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