Trend Micro’s Jamz Yaneza and SE Labs’ Stefan Dumitrascu Join AMTSO’s Board of Directors

Trend Micro’s Jamz Yaneza and SE Labs’ Stefan Dumitrascu Join AMTSO’s Board of Directors

Members of AMTSO, the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, have elected a new board, with Stefan Dumitrascu of SE Labs and Jamz Yaneza of Trend Micro joining the AMTSO board of directors. Current Board members Alexander Vukcevic of Avira, part of GenTM, and Jesse Song of SKD Labs have been re-elected and will be renewing their positions for a further two years.

Jamz Yaneza is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, serving as Senior Threat Researcher at Trend Micro. Stefan Dumitrascu has over ten years of experience in cybersecurity testing, been serving as SE Labs’ CTO for the past six years, and been active in the AMTSO community for eight years. Both bring a wealth of cybersecurity and testing know-how to the organization.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Stefan and Jamz as our new board members. Their experience and commitment in cybersecurity testing and evaluation will help the world to be better protected, with AMTSO empowering customers to make better-informed decisions on their protection solutions,” said Dennis Batchelder, president and CEO at AMTSO.

Glaucia Young at Microsoft and Simon Edwards at SE Labs will be stepping back from their board positions. “We extend our thanks to Glaucia and Simon for their many years of invaluable service on the AMTSO board. Their insights and contributions have significantly shaped our community, and we look forward to their continued participation and input as members,” said Dennis Batchelder.

Jeffrey Wu of Testing Ground Labs, David Ellis of SecureIQLabs, and Vlad Iliushin of Ellio Technology will continue serving as AMTSO board members, with Luis Corrons of Avast, part of GenTM, serving as the organization’s chairman of the board.

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