Trusona Extends Enterprise Offering with Passwordless Authentication for Windows 10

Passwordless Authentication

Pioneering leader of passwordless authentication delivers the most intuitive and cost-effective solution for employees using Windows 10

Trusona, the pioneering leader in passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions, today announced support for Windows 10 end-points, enabling enterprises to provide enhanced security and usability to their workforce by removing passwords from the sign-in experience. The solution does not require any software or hardware upgrades, making it the most cost-effective and user-friendly to deploy.

With the widespread, rapid transition to a remote workforce amidst a global pandemic, security leaders have been tasked with swiftly prioritizing and implementing projects that reduce the biggest risks across their organizations. As the most prominent desktop OS in the world, Windows 10 represents such a risk. In a recent Gartner report, Gartner recommends organizations “craft a cohesive strategy that combines the fewest moving parts to implement passwordless authentication across key use cases.”1

Designed for any standard Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet authenticating to an on-premises Active Directory, Trusona offers the most cost-effective way to deliver secure passwordless authentication for employees. The solution works with enterprises’ existing infrastructure without requiring any software or hardware upgrades, including Windows Hello for Business, cameras, and biometric readers or on-premises servers, and utilizes Trusona’s patented anti-replay technology to protect against credential replay attacks.

“In a rapidly shifting and uncertain digital landscape, Trusona’s passwordless authentication is an effective way for our organization to significantly enhance security across a remote workforce while at the same time removing user friction during sign-in,” said Robert Devitt, Senior IT Manager at Harrison Manufacturing Company a leader in the manufacture and supply of high-quality grease, oils, and specialty chemicals and services. “The quick setup and configuration, simple employee self-enrollment, and the time and cost savings of not having to deal with software and hardware upgrades has been invaluable as we successfully navigate evolving times.”

Trusona’s passwordless authentication enhances security by removing static credentials from the end-user sign-in, supporting multiple use cases with or without phone or PC connectivity. Employees can self-enroll within minutes, requiring no additional IT provisioning effort and reducing help desk support costs dealing with account lockouts and password resets. Quick implementation and simple user adoption mean satisfied and more productive users.

Dedicated to providing the best solutions available, Trusona allows top security practitioners and experienced hackers test its products before making them generally available:

“After running a comprehensive array of security tests, including reverse engineering, injections, memory attacks, and overflows, we determined that Trusona’s passwordless authentication for Windows 10 is resilient to a wide range of attack vectors,” said Chris Roberts, one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence within the cybersecurity industry. “Additionally, the end-user setup is quick, simple, and hassle-free, allowing organizations to deploy the solution across the enterprise.”

Trusona’s solution for Windows 10 can also be used to automatically cascade the user’s trusted credentials from Active Directory to other downstream enterprise applications, such as an SSO, to enable a single passwordless login at the desktop.

“With this new product launch, our vision of a truly passwordless enterprise is becoming a reality,” said Ori Eisen, Founder, and CEO at Trusona.