VeeMost Technologies, LTD Launches VeeShield Cloud Security.

VeeMost Technologies_ LTD Launches VeeShield Cloud Security.-01

VeeMost Technologies, LTD is pleased to announce the launch of VeeShield Cloud Security product, the first security product offering from VeeMost. VeeShield will be offered in three packages: Pro, Pro+, and Cloud hybrid next-generation firewall, all with excellent technical services to support the product. In this initial offering, VeeShield is being made available only to VeeMost’s corporate customers as part of their Managed Services bundle. It will then be publicly available for all enterprise users and home users at a date soon to be announced.

In today’s globally connected world, it is no longer a matter of “if” an organization will experience a cyber security threat, but rather “when”. A recent study showed that many organizations still do not have what it takes to prevent a cyber-attack, nor do they have the necessary tools in place to detect or stop an attack in progress. Another study revealed that the most attention is centered around securing the workplace, while mobile devices and home networks from where users now access company data get the least attention.

It is no surprise, therefore, that Cyber security spending has been forecasted to jump to $150.4 billion this year, a gain of 12.4% from last year. The world-wide adoption of cryptocurrency and its choice for hackers to receive payment from their victims due to the inherent anonymity built into that technology, have fueled the determination of cyber-criminals. For this reason, experts forecast that these incidents will continue to increase, with no sign of slowing down. Therefore, organizations must now begin to understand the importance of cyber security, as their data, applications, and work boundaries, now distributed more than ever, face attacks and compromise from all over the world.

“As these attacks get more sophisticated,” Mr. Melvin Ejiogu, President of VeeMost Technologies says, “so also must the tools and strategies used to detect, mitigate impact and prevent them. VeeMost is uniquely positioned to assist organizations navigate this ever-changing cyber security threat landscape. The benefits that the VeeShield solution brings to our customers, our expertise in most of the advanced technology sectors, and our 24x7x365 support system, will all come in handy as we take on the responsibility of protecting our customer’s data and infrastructure.”

Mr. Ejiogu continues, “VeeShield cloud security is very easy to setup and use. It is suitable for business of any size, especially those who don’t want to wait for cybercriminals to hold them to ransom before they begin to take cyber security seriously.”