WhiteHat Security Adds Enterprise-Grade Attack Surface Management Features Through Bit Discovery Partnership

WhiteHat Security Adds Enterprise-Grade Attack Surface Management Features Through Bit Discovery Partnership

WhiteHat Security, a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of NTT Ltd. and a world leader in application security, today announced the rollout of Attack Surface Management powered by Bit Discovery, an innovative suite of features that give enterprises a more streamlined way to discover, manage and secure their comprehensive attack surface.

Available immediately, WhiteHat Security’s Attack Surface Management taps into Bit Discovery’s expansive database comprised of more than five billion Internet-connected assets and hundreds of third-party resources to automatically generate a comprehensive inventory of the exposed assets that make up an organization’s attack surface—websites, VPNs, DNS servers, IoT devices, phishing sites and more.

By leveraging a purpose-built API integration, security teams have the ability to review their inventory in an intuitive, searchable dashboard and bring specific assets under WhiteHat’s industry-leading application security service in a few clicks.

“Even before the pandemic accelerated enterprise business’ adoption of applications and APIs, security teams have struggled to accurately account for their organization’s entire attack surface of exposed assets,” said Craig Hinkley, chief executive officer at WhiteHat Security. “Attack Surface Management Powered by Bit Discovery not only bolsters WhiteHat’s platform with innovative tools that provide a tremendous amount of value for our clients, it also advances our vision to build security into each step of the entire software development lifecycle.”

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Key benefits of Attack Surface Management Powered by Bit Discovery include:

  • Complete Attack Surface Visibility— Bit Discovery continuously scans billions of Internet-connected assets to monitor new domains, phishing sites and connected devices to provide an accurate inventory of an organization’s attack surface
  • Simplified Security at Scale— View your complete asset inventory in an executive-friendly, configurable dashboard that prioritizes the most critical open vulnerabilities and allows users to sort data using custom filters
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy— All vulnerabilities are verified by WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center, an elite team of the company’s top security experts, to virtually eliminate false positives

The new alliance also reunites WhiteHat Security with its founder, Jeremiah Grossman, who now leads Bit Discovery as the company’s chief executive officer.

“From a technology perspective, attack surface management is perhaps the most important and challenging unsolved problem across the entire IT and cyber security landscape,” said Grossman. “Partnering with WhiteHat is an exciting and special opportunity, and I’m looking forward to hearing more success stories from our mutual clients.”

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