Wyng Launches Two Industry Firsts: Privacy-First Personalization Platform And A Zero-Party Data API

Wyng Launches Two Industry Firsts Privacy-First Personalization Platform and a Zero-Party Data API

Wyng, the leading provider of zero-party data (ZPD) software, today announced the launch of its privacy-first personalization platform built from the ground up on a ZPD API — both the first-of-their-kind in the marketing industry.

With this launch, Wyng uniquely equips brands to build deep and profitable customer relationships based on trust, while ensuring compliance with evolving privacy regulations.

With data collection and privacy central issues on a global scale, tech giants and the marketing industry have come under increased scrutiny from regulators and creeped-out consumers alike.

The recent cascade of legislation — like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA — and tech platform restrictions have cut off traditional sources of data for marketers and disrupted widespread marketing practices.

It’s against this backdrop that Wyng is announcing the expansion of its product portfolio to provide a complete solution for marketers to address evolving attitudes and public awareness around the data economy and the changing regulatory landscape.

Unlike first-party and third-party data, ZPD is consent-based personal context data (needs, preferences, interests, favorites, etc.) that customers intentionally and proactively share with a brand they trust, in order to improve their experience with that brand.

Using ZPD, the brand can deliver experiences that are always welcome, relevant and compliant, and its customers can update their data whenever they want to fine tune their relationship with the brand.

In a 2020 report, Forrester Research stated: “ZPD gives brands a unique opportunity to not only learn more about a customer, but also fold that customer’s input directly into her immediate and long-term experience.”

Wyng has already proven the appetite for ethical data practices with a profitable customer base of over 250 brands and enterprises, including Cargill, Church & Dwight, Moët Hennessy and Univision, that rely on its existing Wyng Microexperiences product to source ZPD. The new platform includes two new products — Wyng Profiles and Wyng Moments — in addition to Microexperiences.

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To speed the process of onboarding existing customers and attracting new names to the platform, Wyng raised $2M from existing investors, including Edison Partners and Windcrest Partners, in early April. The three products in the platform can be purchased and deployed independently of each other, or together to power the full marketing lifecycle:

  • Wyng Microexperiences – makes it easy for a brand to source ZPD by creating digital experiences that ask customers for their needs, preferences and other personal context, along with consent — and provide a benefit to customers in exchange. Examples include product finders, guided selling quizzes, surveys, opt-in forms and promotions. Microexperiences plug into existing websites, apps and landing pages, and the ZPD integrates with existing CRM, CDP and ESP systems as well as Wyng Profiles.
  • Wyng Profiles – unifies ZPD from all of a brand’s sources into ZPD profiles. Customers keep their profiles up-to-date via a secure portal embedded on the brand’s website or app — giving customers transparency and control, and building trust. Wyng Profiles is powered by the ZPD API, so profiles can be enriched with ZPD from existing sources and ZPD can be activated using existing marketing systems in addition to Wyng Moments.
  • Wyng Moments – uses ZPD and machine learning to show content, products and offers that are most relevant to each customer or segment, by automatically inserting personalized experiences at key moments of engagement on the brand’s website or mobile app. Wyng Moments leverages brand content from any source, including the product catalog and user-generated content from social media.

“We’ve all found ourselves on the receiving end of some brand communications that come across as creepy. That’s what happens when your personal data is captured and used behind the scenes, in ways that you don’t knowingly agree to or expect,” said John Yapaola, CEO of Wyng. “We’re challenging decades-old marketing and advertising practices that play fast and loose with consumer data, and we’re proving that privacy and personalization can not only co-exist, but actually increase ROI and customer loyalty. Our customers are leading the charge and seeing the benefits of a privacy-first approach.”

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