Podcast Interview with Oliver Price, Head of Incident Response, EMEA, FTI Consulting

Cyber security has today become one of the biggest concerns of enterprises, making the role of the CISO critical in more ways than one.  On the one side, any incidence of cyber risk could be the end of a career, and on the other hand, the outage could cause the end of a company. Under the circumstances, Oliver Price, Head of Incident Response, EMEA, FTI Consulting feels that while organizations like his do support continually staying alert through regular exercises,  learning from peer experiences and taking support from CISOs who have experience will be a huge support for the entire community.

Oliver has over a decade of experience in creating cyber security strategies  and also  has provided executive oversight in response to over 100 business email compromise incidents, dozens of large ransomware events impacting global business, and several advanced threat incident investigations