Abode Home Security Kit Flaws Allow Hackers to Hijack and Disable Cameras


Abode Systems has fixed numerous critical flaws that could have allowed attackers to run commands with root privileges in its home security kit.

The smart DIY home security systems and cameras sold by American company Abode Systems include motion sensors to detect intrusions or unauthorized movements. Using a keyfob or an app, users can arm or disarm the system. Users can integrate the system with Google Home, Apple Homekit, and Amazon Alexa and control it through a mobile app or website on those devices.

Researchers from Cisco Talos have found flaws in the Iota all-in-one security kit that could let hackers change user passwords, alter device settings, inject arbitrary code, or even bring the system to a complete stop. Targeted cameras could be remotely turned off or taken control of by an attacker.

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