AT&T Alien Labs Warns of TeamTNT’s Latest Malware Campaign

AT&T Alien Labs Warns of TeamTNT's Latest Malware Campaign

AT&T’s Alien Labs security division has raised the alarm about a TeamTNT malware campaign that has gone nearly fully undiscovered by anti-virus systems and is turning target devices into cryptocurrency miners.

TeamTNT, dubbed “one of the most active threat groups since 2020” by Alien Labs researcher Ofer Caspi, is notorious for its exploitation – and abuse – of open-source security tools for everything from discovering susceptible targets to dropping remote-control shells.

In June this year Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks detected Chimaera, a software repository, which it said “highlights the expanding scope of TeamTNT operations within cloud environments as well as a target set for current and future operations.”

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