Blackcat Ransomware Gang Responsible for Attack On Luxembourg Power Company


The BlackCat ransomware group has claimed responsibility for an attack against a Luxembourg power company that resulted in the theft of data.

Between July 22 and July 23, the attack targeted Creos Luxembourg S.A., a subsidiary of Encevo S.A. that operates an electricity and gas pipeline. The company identified that attack as a cyberattack in which network intruders had stolen “a certain amount of data” from systems they had gained access to. BlackCat, also known as ALPHV, became associated with the incident on Sunday when the group threatened to release 180,000 stolen files from Creos totaling 150 GB by Monday if a ransom was not paid.

Emails, bills, passports, contracts, and agreements are among the allegedly stolen data. The information has not yet been made public.

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