Drupal Fixes ‘High-Risk’ Third-Party Library Flaws

Drupal Fixes High-Risk Third-Party Library Flaws

The Drupal security team has issued a “moderately critical” advisory to draw attention to major flaws in a third-party library, warning that hackers might use the flaws to take control of Drupal-powered sites remotely.

Guzzle, a third-party library that Drupal uses to handle HTTP requests and answers to external services, was detected and fixed with the vulnerabilities CVE-2022-31042 and CVE-2022-31043.

According to a Drupal advisory, “they do not affect Drupal core, but may affect some contributed projects or custom code on Drupal sites.” Guzzle published independent advisories describing the flaws as a failure to strip the Cookie header on a change in host or HTTP downgrade, as well as a failure to extract the Authorization header on an HTTP downgrade.

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