Industry-based Systems can Potentially be Hacked Remotely

Hacked Remotely

The security researchers from Claroty have found vulnerabilities in VPN products that are majorly in use for remote access to the operational technology. The OT networks can enable attackers to negotiate on the industrial control systems (ICS) – causing physical damage.

Several potentially serious vulnerabilities have been identified in Secomea GateManager, EDR-G903 and Moxa EDR-G902, and in the HMS Networks’ eWon. These products are used by various companies to remotely monitor and manage ICS – including the programmable logic controllers (PLCs), field devices, and input/output devices.

The impacted VPNs are used in the industrial sector, like oil and gas, and utilities. The exploitation could result in havoc, giving the threat actors access to the field devices.

Source: Securityweek